What are the Different Types of Natural Facial Cleanser?

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There are many different types of natural facial cleanser. These may be differentiated from each other due to ingredients, types of skin they’re designed for or feel of the product. Natural tends to mean that the product is produced using a variety of ingredients that could be found in nature (for the most part). Truly there is a wide selection of potential ingredients, including things like sea salt, sugar, a variety of grains, nuts, citrus fruits, oils derived from plants and others. However, it should be noted that natural isn’t a term regulated by most governments, so labeling a product as natural may not mean it is free from chemical or lab produced elements.

When looking for a natural facial cleanser, it’s perhaps best to start by determining skin type. Those with oily skin or skin that is really prone to acne are best looking for cleansers designed for this. People with dry skin may need a natural face cleanser that cleans without stripping oil from the skin. Many people have combination skin, with more oily areas on the bridge of the nose and forehead, or nose and cheeks, and with drier skin elsewhere. Alternately, some people have very sensitive skin and should search for products that typically don’t create allergic or irritated response. Some products are marketed as safe for all skin times, and these could be tried for anyone who wants a good all-purpose natural facial cleanser.


The next thing to evaluate is what type of natural facial cleanser is most appealing. Cleansers may come in bars (bar soap), or they might be gels, mousses, or cream type soaps. Some good face cleansers are light liquid or toner that is applied to the face via a cloth or cotton ball. Cleaners can be dispensed in different ways; they could be squirted out of a bottle or tube or might need to be picked up or scooped up. Really the only criterion here is whether a person likes the way he or she accesses the cleanser.

Ingredients of a natural facial cleanser can be part of choice. First it may necessary to ascertain how many of the ingredients are really natural. Some cleansers have a few natural ingredients, while others are mostly made of things found in nature. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference when looking at ingredient lists on products. Shorter lists with ingredients that have recognizable names are likely to be more natural than longer lists with many chemical sounding names. Usually the best locations to find the most natural skin cleanser types are at places like health food or natural foods stores. Things sold in pharmacies, grocery or department stores may have fewer natural ingredients.

The word natural can be confusing in more than one way. It doesn’t necessarily mean better or less likely to irritate the skin. After all, things like poison oak and ivy are natural, but they’ll still produce a rash. Especially for people with sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to look for products that are billed as non-irritating, hypoallergenic or specifically for sensitive skin types.

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to leave the house and shop to obtain a good natural facial cleanser. There are many common ingredients at home that might be used to make a homemade soap or facial treatment. Lots of recipes exist online for creating inexpensive cleaners, toners or facial treatments that can stimulate the skin. Some people may prefer some of these to store bought products, since they have more control over ingredients.


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Fruit pectin makes for a great toner and you can make it yourself at home! Take a small green apple, remove the seeds and cube it, and then boil it in about a half cup of water. When cooked, remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes. Strain it through a mesh strainer (I use a metal one). Add 1/4 cup witch hazel to the strained apples and mix well. Grab a clean cotton ball and apply the mixture to your face. Feels great. Smells great. Just don't make pies with it when you're done!

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