What are the Different Types of Natural Candida Treatments?

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There are many different natural candida treatments available. The aim of these treatments is to rid the body of yeasts in the genus Candida without using antifungal medications. For the most part, these natural candida treatments rely on diet or herbal remedies that can be either ingested or applied topically to an affected area.

Many homeopathic remedies suggest determining and eliminating the cause of the candida infection before attempting to treat it. Candida infection, however, can be caused by a number of different things, including sugar in the diet, stress, and environmental toxins. It is not possible for a person to eliminate all possible causes of the candida infection, though lowering stress and improving diet can help, both by eliminating the causes of candida infection as well as improving overall health.

One of the most common natural candida treatments is lowering the amount carbohydrate and sugar in the diet. Candida is a yeast, and like other yeasts it feeds on sugar. Decreasing consumption of simple and complex sugars can help cure a candida infection by starving the organisms.


Candida can also be killed through the use of natural antifungal treatments. Most of these are taken as a dietary supplement and made from common food items. Garlic, grape seed extract, coconut oil, carrot juice, and a variety of essential oils are all considered to have antifungal properties. These remedies are generally used one or two at a time, for a period of one month, before the treatment is rotated to another natural antifungal. Treatment with dietary supplements is usually recommended for a period of at least three months.

There are also a few natural antifungal treatments that can be applied topically. These natural candida treatments include tea tree, bergamot, and sandalwood oils. The oils are applied to the skin in the affected area for a period of at least a few months. Yeast infections can take hold again even weeks after all symptoms are gone, so it is important to continue treatment for the entire recommended period of time.

Probiotics are another of the natural candida treatments that can be used. These natural medications are used to increase the health of helpful bacteria in the body. Many different types of bacteria kill yeast, so boosting the body’s levels of bacteria is one method for decreasing the levels of yeast, including candida.


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