What are the Different Types of Natural Body Cream?

S. Gonzales

Natural body creams function in the same ways that regular body creams do by helping to moisturize dry skin, heal cracked or irritated skin, or simply fragrance the body. Whether a consumer is looking for a facial cream, hand cream, foot cream, body butter, or general body cream, a cream made with natural ingredients can be more effective and show faster results than synthetic varieties. Signs of aging in the skin can be due to free radical damage, loss of collagen, and low amounts of hyaluronic acid. Natural body cream ingredients are bioavailable and less likely than synthetic ingredients to cause harm to the body.

A woman using hand cream.
A woman using hand cream.

The keratin Cynergy TK, found in many natural body creams, helps the body produce more collagen and elastin and encourages cell regeneration. Cynergy TK can actively combat wrinkles, sagging, lines, and age spots. Finding a natural body cream that includes this ingredient can help fill lines and make the skin appear smoother.

Body creams that contain methanol should be avoided.
Body creams that contain methanol should be avoided.

Consumers should also look for a natural body cream that includes antioxidents. Nano-lipobelle HEQ10, or Co-enzyme Q10, helps combat the effects of free radicals. Premature aging can be minimized when antioxidents are used on the skin.

Similarly, if there isn't enough hyaluronic acid in the body, the body may respond by aging too quickly. The natural body cream ingredient Phytessense Wakame helps deter the effects of the enzyme hyaluronidase, which actively attempts to destroy hyaluronic acid and lower its levels. This may help in the collagen and elastic fibers in the body to remain level and sufficient enough to combat signs of premature aging.

Other natural ingredients that may have beneficial effects include jojoba oil, babassu, shea butter, avocado oil, and vitamins A and E. Using products with these natural ingredients may also positively affect the body in unexpected ways, such as boosting the immune system. Additionally, choosing natural body creams that use essential oils for fragrance are healthier for the body.

Those interested in using a natural body cream should look make a habit of inspecting product labels. Products that contain parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, and benzyl, methanol, isopropyl, or SD alcohol should be avoided. These ingredients can contribute to irritation and drying, may affect the endocrine system, and are suspected of causing cancer. Generally, consumers should choose products with ingredients that are plant-based. Consumers may also want to look for products that are certified natural or organic, such as those that bear the USDA Organic Seal or the Natural Seal for Personal Care Products.

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