What Are the Different Types of Myopathy Treatment?

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Myopathy is a disease that affects skeletal muscles. The condition is caused by many different factors. Any myopathy treatment will treat the cause of the myopathy, and may include changing medications, taking vitamins, exercising, diet changes, lowering alcohol intake, and managing pain.

Statin myopathies are caused by a certain group of medications used to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Patients experience inflammation, pain, and weakness in the muscles as side effects of the medication. Statin myopathy treatment in this instance would involve stopping or changing the medication.

Mitochondrial myopathy occurs when damaged mitochondria impair muscle function. This form of myopathy starts with minimal symptoms, such as muscle fatigue, and worsens to include deafness and drooping eyelids. Mitochondrial myopathy treatment cannot completely cure the disease but it can help prolong the progression and reduce symptoms. Vitamin therapy can reduce muscle fatigue and improve function. Physical therapy can help increase mobility and reduce muscle stiffness.

Alcoholic myopathies occur in people who consume large amounts of alcohol for consistent prolonged periods. Alcohol deteriorates the muscles, leading to pain and weakness. Myopathy treatment for alcohol myopathy involves being sober and repairing the liver function. It also requires a change in nutrition to help repair damaged cells and replace enzymes. Food choices should be rich in vitamins and nutrients that help promote healthy cell growth, such as those that are rich in iron.


Nemaline myopathy is a congenital condition. It occurs when thread-like rods form in muscle cells. Like many other myopathies, nemaline myopathy does not have a cure. Nemaline myopathy treatment involves managing symptoms. Nutritional guidance, treating respiratory tract infections, and physical therapy manage manifestations of this condition. Pain management may also be necessary if the muscles start causing bouts of pain that can feel like electrical shocks, and muscle relaxants are often prescribed to combat this problem.

Metabolic myopathy treatment involves adding vitamin supplements, making dietary changes, aerobic exercise, and changes in physical activities. This condition causes a decrease in the energy that cells make to move muscles. Without this energy, muscles cannot function properly. Some forms of metabolic myopathies lead to a condition called rhabdomyolysis. This condition happens when muscle fibers break down and pieces travel through the bloodstream, leading to kidney failure.

There are several common elements across each type of myopathy treatment. Keeping mobility consistent and reducing muscle stiffness is accomplished through physical therapy. Treating opportunistic problems, such as infections, prolong life by reducing complications. Changes in a patient’s diet are also important.


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