What Are the Different Types of Mutton Curry?

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Mutton curry is a common dish served in India and Pakistan. It is generally prepared with various combinations of a wide variety of spices. Many mutton curry recipes exist. Each region of India has its own version of this popular dish. Some curry is spicy, or hot, and other types are creamy with the traditional curry Indian taste.

Consumed in a variety of ways, mutton curry is commonly eaten in a bowl, with or without rice. It can also be rolled up in a wrap or placed in a taco. An unleavened flat bread that is commonly served in India is called a chapati. This bread can be used to turn the meat and gravy into a finger food, or type of sandwich. Mutton also makes a great ingredient for a stuffed pastry called samosa, which is fried or baked.

Chettinad is an area in India known for its combination of heavy spices. A recipe for Chettinad mutton curry would have garlic, ginger, shallots, cumin, pepper corns, and fennel seeds. Tumeric powder, coriander powder and chili powder round out the paste in which the mutton is marinated. The mutton is then cooked in mustard seeds, curry leaves, tomatoes, and onions.


Andhra spicy mutton curry is similar to the Chettinad version, but makes use of black pepper and red chili to create a spicy version. Coriander leaves and powder add a spicy, nutty, almost citrus flavor. The Andhra version is a popular dish in the Andhra region.

The Kashmiri region’s version of mutton curry has a slightly sweet sauce. This curry utilizes saunf powder, also known as fennel seeds, and sugar to create a sweeter variation. Khoya is a sweet dried milk available in India, and is added to the curry. Ghee is a clarified butter that’s added to the sauce for flavor and to increase the smooth texture of the curry sauce.

The Goan region enjoys its own type of mutton curry that uses fewer spices than some of the others. This version marinates the mutton in a creamy sauce of turmeric powder and yogurt. Pepper, coriander, and red chili add a little bite to the sauce. Desiccated coconut smooths out the sauce, adding some sweetness to balance the spiciness.

Mutton masala curry is prepared with cloves, coriander, tumeric, and poppy seeds. Chili powder and coconut add a sweet and spicy aspect to the meat marinate. This version is different than the others in that the meat is skewered, then deep fried. Onions are fried in oil, then the marinade is combined with the oil to create a sauce.


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Post 3

Chettinad mutton curry has a reputation for being very spicy, but it really is not. I've watched my grandmother and mother make it so many times. They don't use a lot of spice. I think the trick to making a good Chettinad mutton curry is to use a wide variety of ingredients in small amounts, and make the curry powder from scratch if possible.

Post 2

@discographer-- Yes, there is a Bengali mutton curry as well. This version doesn't use heavy amounts of spices. And there is no coconut used either. It does however use tomato puree, ghee and a tablespoon of plain yogurt. The spices used are green chili, red chili powder, garam masala, turmeric, ginger, garlic and onion.

Everything is basically cooked together in a pressure cooker or kadhai. My mom does something different with the typical Bengali mutton curry recipe. She also adds potatoes to the dish, but she actually fries thick slices of potatoes before adding them to the mutton. This adds a lot of flavor (and extra calories too). I love Bengali mutton curry, it's my favorite.

Post 1

Does the Bengal region have its own mutton curry?

I've tried the Goan and Andhra mutton curries. But I remember my Bengali friend mentioning Bengali mutton curry once. What is done differently for Bengali mutton curry?

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