What Are the Different Types of Mini-Donut Machines?

Misty Amber Brighton

Most mini-donut machines consist of an area to pour batter in and a dispensing tray. These vary in the number of doughnut desserts they are able to produce. They may operate on different power sources, and choosing the right one can depend on where the unit is located. Some are intended for small donuts, large donuts or donut holes. The design and construction varies, so disassembling and cleaning varies with each model.

Mini-donuts on top of a big donut.
Mini-donuts on top of a big donut.

Some mini-donut machines might be intended for household or small group use. These units typically produce around 800 mini-donuts in an hour. Other models are intended for restaurant or concession stand use and may produce between 1200 and 2400 small donuts per hour. Some have a device that keeps track of the number of cakes produced; these machines could be ideal for packaging facilities to use.

Chocolate glazed mini-donuts.
Chocolate glazed mini-donuts.

Electric-powered mini-donut machines are most common; bigger units generally require higher voltage than smaller varieties. This could range from 110 to 208 volts in most cases. Some machines have universal adaptors that allow them to be used in different countries. Electric models are usually best when making donuts in the home or for small gatherings such as school or church groups because it is easy to find appropriate outlets.

Gas powered mini-donut machines normally attach to a standard propane gas tank, so the machine is easily transported. These units can often withstand high winds, so the gas flame does not usually blow out under these conditions. Many times, this equipment is safer to use under damp conditions than electric models are. As a result, these are typically preferred for outdoor use; for example, when operating a concession stand.

Large or medium-sized types of donuts can sometimes be made with mini-donut machines as well. Changing the size of the hopper where the batter is placed usually accomplishes this task nicely. The number of donuts per hour might be decreased, so a machine could only make around 200 medium sized donuts or 160 large, rather than around 1200 miniatures.

In some cases, disassembling mini-donut machines can be done by hand, but in other cases, tools are required. Some models may have pieces that are dishwasher-safe, while others need to be washed in a sink. It is a good idea to know how to disassemble and clean the unit before purchasing it because doing so properly can help ensure this equipment stays operable for years to come.

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