What Are the Different Types of Military Career Opportunities?

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There are many military career opportunities for both enlisted soldiers as well as officers. From administrative to technical and medical military career opportunities, the options abound for those wishing to make the military a career. For the more adventurous soldier, military security, combat specialist and construction occupations are all offered as possible military career opportunities. Most of the career choices for enlisted personnel and officers are very similar, however, career opportunities for officers also include executive and leadership positions.

Every soldier enlisted in the military is trained and educated in a particular occupation specialty. Many military installations require all of the same occupations to remain operational that are found in a small to mid-sized city. From street sweeper to mayor, the military typically offers a comparable occupation for soldiers on a military base or aboard a ship.

Enlisted personnel perform administrative functions in all of the many divisions and offices at a military duty station. They will operate weather radar systems, radio transmitters and radar stations. They may also serve as nurses, triage and emergency room personnel at military hospitals. Military police patrol the bases and soldiers assigned to the criminal investigations division work in the same capacity as a detective squad of a city police force.


Truck driving, mechanic and heavy equipment operator positions are all offered as military career opportunities for those inclined to work in these fields. Store clerks, barbers and clerical personnel are other areas that are presented to the recruit as military career opportunities. Public relations, marketing and advertising are other career opportunities available through the military. Photographers, firefighters and forest rangers are also included among the many military career opportunities found on the typical military base. Most installations have an animal control division, dental offices and vision specialist similar to those that operate in the civilian world.

Officers typically fill the executive positions in most fields, with the provost marshal acting in the role of chief of police, officers filling doctor and dentist roles, and the post commander taking the position similar to that of mayor. On board Navy ships, many of the same occupational roles are offered with the addition of several specialized occupations. Navigation positions, aircraft pilots and landing crews are all military career opportunities that can translate into a civilian equivalent. Navy and Air Force loading crews, communications crew members and mechanics can spend an entire career working in their respective fields.


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