What Are the Different Types of MBA Trainee Jobs?

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A recent graduate with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) will need to gain real world experience in order to compete in the marketplace. One way to accomplish this is through MBA trainee jobs that are specifically designed to help recent graduates make the transition into the world of business. There are numerous MBA trainee jobs revolving around a variety of business specialties. Typically, recent MBA graduates enter into the fields of investment banking, private equity, or consulting, although this is not always the case. The ultimate purpose of a MBA trainee job is to groom new business graduates in the protocols and methodologies that make for a successful career, as well as educate them in how to utilize their newly gained academic skills in the marketplace.

MBA trainee jobs within the investment banking industry are often referred to as junior associate positions. In these positions, trainees will be responsible for evaluating the balance sheets of potential investment opportunities and creating prospective valuations. This position requires excellent analytical skills as associates are required to review a wide variety of analytic models within a basic spreadsheet program. Associates are also responsible for collaborating with and managing the analysts employed by the firm. Although this career can be lucrative, it typically requires long hours with the average associate working more than 50 hours per week.


In the private equity industry, MBA trainee jobs are not plentiful. Many private equity firms require that a candidate have some level of experience in the private equity industry. Students who graduate from top-tier MBA programs generally have the best chances of acquiring one of the few MBA trainee jobs available in this sector. Trainees in this field are expected to have excellent finance skills as they will be required to analyze companies from a variety of industries in order to complete leveraged buyouts.

Consulting companies often have a certain number of MBA trainee jobs set aside for recent graduates. In this position, the trainees will be required to analyze a variety of business issues that are of concern to the clients of the consulting firm. Upon analyzing these issues, trainees must create a strategy that can be implemented to address the problem. In addition to serving clients, trainees will spend the bulk of their time attempting to generate new business by writing proposals to prospective clients. Consulting trainees are also required to travel extensively as clients may be located throughout the world.


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