What Are the Different Types of Marketing Flyers?

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Marketing flyers are one of many marketing tools that businesses use to gain new customers, announce sales or special promotions and essentially promote anything they want consumers to know about. Traditional tri-fold brochures, leaflets, digital brochures and door handle advertisements are a few types of marketing flyers. Businesses might make use of one type of marketing flyer, or they might choose to use a variety. The type of flyer used is decided upon using a number of factors, such as the company's marketing budget and intended audience.

Tri-fold brochures are marketing flyers that are used by many businesses. These brochures are easy to print, are compact and have the ability to contain a great deal of information. They also can be easily displayed on a desk or in a reception area and used to provide information to current and prospective customers.

Leaflets usually are small advertisements in the form of a single-fold brochure or a single sheet of paper. Many businesses prefer to use these as marketing flyers because of their small size and relatively inexpensive cost. Leaflets can be placed in doors, on car windshields, in mailings or in many other places. Businesses might hire individuals to pass out leaflets on streets and other busy areas so that their material reaches as many people as possible.


Digital brochures are popular marketing flyers because of the ease of transmitting information. Instead of printing marketing flyers, a company can design the material and then save it as a digital file that might be emailed or used on a website. If a company chooses to use digital brochures as its marketing material, it should ensure that the file can be viewed using many types of computer programs and systems.

Marketing flyers that hang on door handles are another cost-effective way that businesses choose to market their product or service. A flyer is printed with a hole and space to slide it onto door handles of places such as homes, business complexes or shopping areas. Businesses might choose to use door handle marketing flyers because it puts their information in front of many consumers, putting them closer to their target market than they might have gotten otherwise.


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