What Are the Different Types of Marketing Brochures?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Marketing brochures are among the most common examples of marketing collateral used to educate, inform, and attract customers by explaining the benefits and applications associated with the use of specific goods and services. Over time, several different types of marketing brochures have been developed, with each type serving as the means of connecting with certain kinds of decision-makers and potential clients. While there are several different ways to categorize the brochures, the most common method involves segregating the brochures into four main categories.

Medical marketing brochures are often found in a hospital waiting room.
Medical marketing brochures are often found in a hospital waiting room.

One of the more common examples of marketing brochures is known as the point-of-sale brochure. This is simply a brochure that is set out on display and readily available to anyone who happens to pass by. Brochures of this type are often seen in many retail outlets, such as grocery stores and pharmacies. Banks will also use this type of brochure as a handy means of calling attention to the services they offer, strategically placing a display of the small bifold or trifold brochures near teller windows and waiting areas in the bank. Even doctor’s offices may use this approach, allowing small displays of marketing brochures for books, discount medical plans and similar products to be marketed to people gathered in the doctor’s waiting room.

Response marketing brochures are another common example of this type of marketing tool. Sometimes called response to inquiry brochures, these are simple pieces that are forwarded to anyone who has inquired about a specific good or service. Typically, this type of marketing collateral will contain information that has to do with the nature of the inquiry, along with other relevant information on the product and instructions in how to obtain more information or even place an order.

Direct marketing brochures are somewhat like response marketing brochures, but are not targeted to customers based on a response to an inquiry logged by a potential client. This type of general information brochure is often used in a direct mail campaign that is targeted to a certain demographic and is intended to provide information that will hopefully motivate recipients to ask for more specific information or to possibly place an order. Distribution of these type of brochure is usually accomplished by using a mailing list, and is easily one of the most common strategies in use today.

The fourth option for marketing brochures is the sales support brochure. This type of informational brochure is normally tendered by sales teams to contacts that have moved from being a lead to a prospect and is considered well on the way to becoming a customer. In many respects, this brochure type is similar to the others, in that it provides general information. The main difference is that a sales support brochure will normally include documentation for the information discussed during the sales call, helping to reinforce the remarks made by the salesperson. Many brochures of this type also offer a slot that allows the salesperson to insert his or her business card into the brochure, making it easy for the prospect to find the contact information later on.

All types of marketing brochures can be utilized in a number of situations. Hard copies can be taken along on sales calls, left behind at retail locations, or distributed at a conference or seminar with relative ease. Along with hard copies, electronic versions of these brochures can be distributed through email marketing or in direct response to a customer query.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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