What Are the Different Types of Market Analysis Jobs?

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Market analysis can be applied to a number of different economic sectors. Professionals might obtain market analysis jobs in research firms where responsibilities can include gauging the reception of a particular product or performance in a given industry over time. It's possible to pursue a career in market analysis with a focus on a single industry. Investment market analysis jobs may also be found at investment firms that generate financial reports for investment professionals as well as outside clients.

Individuals might find employment with an undergraduate degree in business, and some exposure to psychology courses might help in uncovering consumer patterns. Pursuing a higher education that leads to a master of business administration or doctorate degree could lead to greater career advancement as well. Professionals seeking market analysis jobs in finance may need to obtain industry certifications to become qualified.

Corporations might hire market analysts to perform analysis on individual products. Functions of these market analysis jobs might be to measure overall economic conditions in regions where a product is sold, or perhaps in countries where a company is looking to obtain a foothold. The state of the economy and consumer spending are factors that market analysts are likely to consider when analysis is being performed. Individuals in these roles are able to identify trends in historical data and possibly make projections for future sales and revenue performance.


Investment market analysis jobs are fulfilled at large financial institutions and independent research firms, for instance. Analysts could be responsible for assessing conditions in the equity capital markets or the debt capital markets. In addition to analyzing data, this type of job involves writing research reports to support internal investment activity or for other investors. Analysis might also be performed on different regional markets, and reports could focus on risks or the prospects for growth in an international economy. Buy-side market analysts typically prepare research for internal purposes and jobs could be uncovered at money management firms, while sell side market analysts sell research to clients and may be employed by brokerages.

An independent research firm might also offer investment market analysis opportunities. These jobs could involve taking proprietary assignments from clients to perform an analysis on market conditions for a particular sector. It's possible that the job functions will involve travel as market analysts perform on-the-ground market research to uncover emerging trends in pricing, distribution, and the health of an industry segment.


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