What Are the Different Types of Management Career Objectives?

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A career objective is a section on a resume where the applicant lists the title of the position desired, as well as educational and personal qualifications congruent with the nature of the work. Positions in promotions, industrial production, or finance are all management career objectives. Promotions managers facilitate the market research, advertising, and distribution of a product. Industrial production managers oversee the manufacturing process in factories and warehouses. Financial managers are charged with preparing financial reports and implementing investment strategies on behalf companies they work for.

A management career in promotions involves marketing and selling products that attract consumers. To do this, promotions managers survey prospective customers to identify ways to present products in a manner that appeals to consumer desires. Using such information, they develop advertising and promotional campaigns. During this process, promotions managers collaborate with sales and creative staff members to design advertising campaigns for print or visual media.

Applicants listing promotions manager under management career objectives typically have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing. Potential promotions managers should also be adept at using computers due to the need to store data and communicate with other staff members via email. Creativity is another trait that improves hiring prospects.


Management career objectives in industrial production indicate a desire to ensure that manufacturing facilities meet production quotas and maintain high standards of quality. The primary task of industrial production management is to identify ways to increase efficiency and maximize resources while adhering to budgets established by company controllers. Possible assignments associated with this job include equipment purchasing, setting production schedules, and establishing the hours worked by company personnel. Industrial production managers must also establish guidelines related to quality control and test the safety of products to prevent defective merchandise from entering the market.

Industrial production management career objectives typically list educational backgrounds in business administration, engineering, or industrial technology. Since industrial production managers receive directions from their supervisors and must also interact with the production staff that they oversee, interpersonal skills in negotiation and persuasion are important traits to list in management career objectives. Applicants can also demonstrate their qualifications by including any certifications they have in equipment usage, quality control, or general management.

Financial managers perform a wide array of duties, and management career objectives should be tailored to the specific nature of the position being applied for. Controllers, for example, are usually in charge of comparing financial reports and meeting with regulatory authorities on behalf of the company. Treasurers usually raise capital and manage company investments. Cash managers monitor cash transactions and create the cash flow projections used to determine whether the company needs to secure more funding.

The educational qualifications listed in management career objectives for finance include disciplines in accounting, economics, or business administration depending on the actual post being sought. Candidates should also describe themselves using terms such as "personable" due to the need to interact with a wide variety of people. Knowledge of regulatory laws and business operations also stand out on a resume.


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