What Are the Different Types of Low-Fat Vegetarian Meals?

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Salads can make great low-fat vegetarian meals. Individuals who like seeds may want to try quinoa pilaf or quinoa stuffed in bell peppers. Beans, used to make burgers or for chili, can make for a hearty yet low-fat option. Eggplant roasted with tomatoes or served on sandwiches can make tasty meals. Another great option are soups, such as miso and split-pea.

Green salads make great meals, especially on a warm day when individuals are looking for foods that will not weigh them down. Salads often become unalluring to people because they tend to eat them with the same ingredients, yet there is a lot of versatility to be had. This can be done by experimenting with different types of lettuce and greens, including spinach, watercress, and endive. Instead of limiting a salad solely to vegetables, individuals can also get creative by adding ingredients such as nuts and fruits. Examples include a spinach and strawberry salad, tuna and almond salad, and tabbouleh salad with grilled portabella mushrooms.


Quinoa, healthy seeds that are often mistaken as a grain, can be used for a wide range of low-fat vegetarian meals. These seeds provide more salad options when used to make dishes such as zucchini-quinoa salad or tomato-quinoa salad. The seeds can be used with spices and herbs to make stuffing for bell peppers or mushroom caps. With the addition of items such as seasonings, scallions, and peppers, they can also be used to make a tasty pilaf.

There are numerous ways that beans can be used to prepare low-fat vegetarian meals. These include mixing black beans with corn, quinoa, and a medley of spices. Black beans can also be used to make quick, easy, and delicious vegetarian burgers. For a spicy twist, red beans and chopped jalapenos can be mixed to make spicy burgers. On blustery days, a low-fat vegetarian chili or bean curry, either spicy or mild, can make for a hearty meal.

Eggplant is a great vegetable to use to make low-fat vegetarian meals. It can be roasted with tomatoes, oregano, and olive oil to make a tasty dish. Ratatouille is another dish that matches eggplant with tomatoes, but other vegetables are also added with spices and it is prepared on top of the stove. Eggplant and portabella can be coupled with arugula on toasted low-fat bread for a nice vegetarian sandwich.

There is also a wide range of soups that can serve as good low-fat vegetarian meals. Individuals who like curry may enjoy curried lentil, potato, and cauliflower soup. Cabbage and cilantro soup is another low-fat Indian-inspired creation. Lentils and split peas can be used for a variety of soup recipes depending on a person's tastes. Those looking for a taste of Japan should try their hands at miso soup, which can be delicious with crispy crackers or noodles.


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Post 3

For me a big plate of grilled veggies with some brown rice or some quinoa or a little couscous is the ideal meal. It is very low in fat and delicious.

I have a huge garden and in the summer it will just take a few of whatever I have a lot of and grill them up. It's a great way to use excess veggies from the garden when you don't have a meal planned out. Season with a little salt and pepper and maybe some garlic powder and enjoy. Sometimes I will even add a drizzle of olive oil. Its great to watch out for fat but you have to enjoy your meals a little bit too.

Post 2

One of my favorite low fat vegetarian meals is also one of the easiest, beans and rice.

If you cook your beans from dry and mix them with some organic rice, preferably brown, you will have a fast, easy and filling meal that provides you with complex proteins and a minimum amount of fat.

People all over the world make this the staple of their diet. It is the best kind of power food there is. You can jazz it up by adding peppers, onions, or sauces according to your taste.

Post 1

Vegetarian meals tend to be low fat to begin with. Once you cut out meat you eliminate a lot of fat. You eliminate almost all of it if you cut out dairy as well. If your diet is nothing but fruit, veggies, nuts and legumes you will get a complete range of vitamins and minerals while taking in very few harmful fats, sugars, salts and preservatives.

People often think that vegetarians are just doing it because they have a silly passion for animals. But there are lots and lots of health benefits from going vegetarian. It almost forces you to be healthy, or said another way, you have to try hard to be unhealthy. Anyone struggling with their weight should consider going vegetarian for a while, or better yet, forever.

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