What Are the Different Types of Low-Fat Drinks?

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Many people who are trying to eat healthy, or diet to lose weight don't realize that many of their favorite drinks are extremely high in calories. Fortunately, there are a number of low-fat drinks that can be delicious and not contribute to weight gain. Much of it also depends on the way the drinks are prepared; there are a number of ways to modify drinks that are high in fat to make them less so, such as by using skim milk or fat-free yogurt. Tea and coffee are some of the most oft-cited low-fat drinks, though fruit smoothies can be as well if they are made properly. Nothing beats water for its hydration abilities and weight loss boost, too.

When searching for the best low-fat drinks, tea is one of the best options. If it is consumed plain, there is absolutely no fat in tea. Adding sugar makes it a bit less healthy; in addition, those who add milk will generally want to add skim milk or 1% to keep the fat content low. Some types of tea, such as green tea, have been shown in some studies to actually decrease feelings of hunger; as a result, many people drink it when trying to lose weight.


The same rules apply for coffee. Consumed plain, without sugar and/or with a little bit of skim milk, it can be one of the more enjoyable low-fat drinks. It is when sugar syrups, whipped cream, or steamed whole milk are added that coffee can become very fattening. Certain fancy coffee drinks can contain hundreds of calories, sometimes equivalent to eating a small meal.

The same is true of smoothies; they can be healthy options and low-fat drinks when prepared using the right ingredients. Fruit smoothies can be healthful, nutritious, and serve as a good meal replacement. The healthiest way to make a fruit smoothie is typically to prepare it with skim milk, low-fat or fat-free yogurt, and ice. Using fresh or frozen fruit, rather than fruit syrups, also helps to make it more nutritious and lower in fat. Using full-fat yogurt or ice cream makes smoothies higher in fat.

Alcoholic drinks are typically quite high in calories, if not necessarily high in fat. Beer, for example, is very calorie-dense. Those looking to lose weight are typically advised to stick with a small glass of wine or a simple, not-too-sweet liquor. Mixed drinks and cocktails tend to pack a pretty high calorie count. Keep in mind that even if a drink does not include fat, such as alcoholic beverages or sodas, that does not mean they are not loaded with calories, or won't contribute to weight gain, because they certainly will.


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