What Are the Different Types of Low-Carb Soups?

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Low-carb soups are available in a wide array of flavors, including beefy mushroom, harvest turkey and broccoli cheese soup. Beef, chicken and turkey are a few ingredient choices for creating hearty, low-carb soups. Cream soups can be made in low-carb versions, including cream of walnut and cream of carrot. An array of vegetables is often featured in low-carb soups, including asparagus, broccoli and zucchini.

Mushrooms can add flavor without adding a lot of carbs to low-carb soups, including crab and mushroom soup and mushroom Florentine soup. Mushroom onion soup features fresh mushrooms, chicken broth and long grain rice. It is seasoned with bay leaf and chopped fresh parsley. Beefy mushroom soup is made with fresh mushrooms, beef broth and cooked roast beef cut into cubes. It is seasoned with garlic powder, paprika and hot pepper sauce.

Green vegetables, such as asparagus and spinach, can add color and flavor to low-carb soups, including cream of spinach soup and spinach mushroom soup. Asparagus cress soup features chopped green onions, chicken broth and fresh asparagus. It also includes watercress, cream and cayenne pepper. Cream of asparagus soup features canned asparagus, chicken broth and heavy cream. It is seasoned with marjoram, onion powder and garlic powder.


Broccoli can be used to create many low-carb soups, including broccoli cheese soup, cheddar broccoli soup and broccoli beer cheese soup. Broccoli soup features onion, chicken broth and carrots. It also contains Dijon mustard, fresh broccoli and reduced-fat sour cream. Broccoli mushroom soup is made with sliced mushrooms, beef broth and frozen broccoli. It also contains heavy cream, garlic and butter.

Many cream soups can be made into low-carb soups by substituting low-carb broths and heavy cream for milk, including creamy tomato soup and creamy ham and broccoli soup. Cream of carrot soup features chicken broth, carrots and whipping cream. Cream of walnut soup features chicken broth, chopped walnuts and cream. It is flavored with chopped onion, ground nutmeg and chopped celery. Creamy crab soup is made with crab meat, corn and seafood seasoning.

Meat, fish and poultry can be included in low-carb soups, including chunky chicken soup and haddock chowder. In addition to turkey, harvest turkey soup features stewed tomatoes, peas and long grain rice. It also gains flavor from spinach, marjoram and thyme. Hungarian goulash soup is made with beef, diced tomatoes and zucchini. Hamburger soup is made with ground beef, tomato sauce and cabbage.


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Post 3

Soups are a great compliment to a low carb diet because there is so much variety and they are so satisfying. Eating a low carb diet that goes exclusively on a plate can quickly become tedious. Contrasting you meals by adding more soup can be a great way to neutralize your carvings for carbs.

Post 2

When I was eating a low carb diet I would sometimes have bowls of warm chicken broth when I was craving cabs. There is something about the buttery, salty taste of chicken broth that reminded me of a buttered piece of bread. Not exactly, but close enough to keep the cravings away.

Post 1

I love to make a delicious and fresh tasting low carb soup by combining any vegetables that I have in my fridge with a few cans of tomatoes, some stock and any herbs that sound good.

Of course, some vegetables have more carbs than others, But I try to stay away from things like potatoes and broccoli. And even if there are a few carbs in the soup, they are all natural, nothing is refined in this recipe.

You can tweak the recipe however you like. There are literally a hundred variations. It is fast cheap, easy and delicious. In my book that makes for the perfect soup.

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