What Are the Different Types of Low Calorie Shakes?

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Fruit, vegetable, and protein shakes are all types of low calorie shakes when made with the right ingredients. In addition, aspects of these low calorie shakes can be blended to create a shake with the perfect amount of calories, nutrients, and flavor for the dieter. Fruit smoothies can be made with just about any fruit and blended with low calorie milk or yogurt. Vegetable shakes are packed with vitamins and can occasionally be used as a meal replacement, especially if the dieter uses a plethora of vegetables for a wide variety of important vitamins. Lastly, protein shakes are particularly popular among athletes and body builders, but can also be found in low calorie versions to satisfy a dieter.

While smoothies are usually not described as low calorie, it is possible to make one without going overboard. For example, the dieter can use skim milk, low-fat yogurt, and strawberries to create a filling breakfast that's low in calories, sugar, and fat. Some people also add an ingredient for protein, like breakfast mixes or protein powder. If a dieter is not fond of strawberries, he or she can replace them with just about any other fruit. For example, tangerines, pears, and peaches have even less calories than strawberries.


Many vegetables are low calorie, so it makes sense that a lot of low calorie shakes have vegetables. Blending spinach with carrots, broccoli, and lettuce may not sound appetizing to some people, but such a shake would not have an overwhelming taste. In addition, certain vegetables might even satisfy a sweet tooth while still remaining low calorie. There are many low calorie shakes with vegetables as the main ingredients, and the recipes vary, but it is best to start with something simple and experiment. Vegetable shakes are not for everyone; however, sometimes people who normally do not like the taste or texture of vegetables can find vegetable shake recipes that they like.

Protein shakes are among the most popular low calorie shakes both dieters and athletes use. Not every protein shake is meant to be low calorie, but there are some that can fit into a calorie-counting diet. These shakes typically come in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and double chocolate. They are usually made with whey powder and blended with milk, but milk can be replaced with water, yogurt, or other low calorie liquids. In general, protein shakes are not the most appetizing low calorie shakes, but with the right flavor and extra ingredients — for example, fruit or vegetables — they can make a quick breakfast or lunch.


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Honestly, I'm not much of a smoothie drinker. The "green" smoothies tend to do bad things to my digestive system.

Almond milk is very low-calorie, as well as low in carbohydrates. So it's a great base for a shake.

For chocolate, it's a good idea to stir some cocoa powder into a little almond milk until it's smooth before adding it to the smoothie mixture.

I've found that almond milk, ice, a little Splenda, some unsweetened natural, smooth peanut butter and the cocoa mixture make a very good low calorie shake that also has a fair bit of protein. It's a very filling concoction and great for breakfast, lunch or a snack. Definitely worth trying.

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