What Are the Different Types of Long Line Bras?

Andrea Cross

Long line bras are a variety of shapewear designed to be worn under the clothing to create a smoother, more flattering silhouette. Longer than traditional bras, this type can extend anywhere from several centimeters or inches below the bust to all the way down to the hips. These bras are similar in shape and structure to a corset, though not as rigidly boned and without the lace-up closure. Available in a variety of styles, the bras come in four main types, including general, posture, full-figured, and strapless.

A long line bra has a similar shape and structure as that of a corset.
A long line bra has a similar shape and structure as that of a corset.

Even though there are different types of long line bras, they are all available with certain common characteristics. They are made from a combination of cotton and spandex material, and many also have lace detailing. Like normal bras, they are available in three basic colors — white, black, and nude — and sometimes patterned fabric. Cups can be padded or unpadded, and the bras can be purchased with front or back closures.

The general type of long line bra provides an average level of support. This type is available in many different styles, from short to long. They often also come with variable straps that can be worn in different ways to suit the style of clothing. These include regular shoulder straps, which can be removed altogether or crisscrossed over the back. This type of bra is usually not as decorative as the strapless type.

The posture-focused type of long line bras are usually the plainest. They are, however, often the most comfortable as they are designed to be worn daily and provide support during both sitting and standing. These bras features extra support in the form of crisscrossed straps to support the breasts and back, and extra body panels support the torso.

Full-figured, long line bras are designed for curvier women and are very popular. They are similar in form to the general type but also feature thicker straps that are padded to provide extra, and more comfortable, support for both the back and the shoulders. These bras also tend to come in larger sizes and can range from the quite plain to the highly decorative, often fancy enough to double as lingerie.

Finally, strapless, long line bras are the most popular type. This type also tends to be the most decorative as they are commonly worn under evening wear and party dresses. They are also the most popular choice for bridal wear. As it does not have straps attached to hold it up, although many do come with attachable straps, this bra has to have a bodice designed to both stay up and provide adequate support. This is accomplished through underwires, stretch bands, and adhesive strips, while extra panels and boning also often give the garment additional structure.

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