What Are the Different Types of Loft Access Doors?

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Those living in or requiring frequent access to a loft or attic can typically benefit from a convenient means of entry. There are usually different types of loft access doors to choose from depending on where they are to be installed and what is most suitable. The difference can be in how the doors open, lock, and seal. Fire resistance, the look of the product, and what materials it is made of can also separate one from the other.

Many loft access doors are designed for any type of home. The specifications of the product, however, often detail the most suitable construction material types, and frame material sizes for example, that a particular door fits. One product for a home loft includes a drop-in door, which typically closes down from the ceiling, or can be pushed up to close. Twistable latches can be included to hold the panel in place. These typically stop the whole door from being pushed around by air without warning.


Some people living in a loft apartment prefer a door that lifts up into the space. These can have a double catch mechanism to seal the edges and stop moisture from escaping into the area or from leaking out. Most lift up doors stay out of the way when being used, while some are removable from the frame altogether. Other types of loft access doors are attached to hinges, which often install without any need to cut into the timber or other supporting material for a home. Hinged types can also allow for more room to install a telescopic ladder for access.

Loft access doors are sometimes insulated. When designed to specific standards, they may be guaranteed to prevent air leakage in or out of the space, up to a certain pressure level. A seal to keep out moisture can also be included on these as well. Many kinds of loft access doors are also insulated against heat and other environmental factors. Fire resistance is one property one should look for; some regional guidelines require that the loft interior be protected by a panel that can tolerate one hour or more of flame exposure.

Holding and locking mechanisms are often included, but loft access doors also come in varieties that can just be pushed up. There are some that have a clear opening, so light from windows or skylights can get through. Depending on the product, a pole-like attachment may be included to open it. Loft access doors can be made of steel, polycarbonate, or wood, with a variety of surface coatings.


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