What are the Different Types of Lip Enhancer?

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Plump lips typically are regarded as a beautiful feature. Those who already have naturally full lips seek ways to enhance them and make them a focal point on their faces. Other people who have naturally thin, small lips look for ways to make their lips appear bigger. There are many ways accomplish these goals, and there are several types of lip enhancer products. The different types of lip enhancer include coloring products, texturing products, chemical products and surgical techniques.

The idea of using a lip enhancer to make lips appear plumper is not a modern phenomenon. In fact, cosmetics have been used since ancient times, with the Mesopotamians and Egyptians being some of the first people to utilize makeup. The first lip products in Egypt were made from dyes out of crushed seaweed, beetles and ants. During the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth used beeswax and red dye from crushed plants.

In modern times, women use color in several ways to enhance their lips. For example, lip liner is drawn around the edge of the lip line to make the lips appear fuller. Some people use a lip liner color that is a darker shade than their lip stain color to create an additional size-enhancing effect. Simply applying regular lipstick is another common lip enhancer, because it brings attention to this facial feature.


There are several ways to create the illusion of size with lip enhancer texturing products. For example, lip gloss creates a shiny sheen on the lips, making them reflect light and appear to be larger. Lip balm prevents lip chapping and cracking and can moisturize the lips. Moisturized lips are healthier and will appear to be plumper than unhealthy, dry lips.

Women who cannot achieve their desired lip look with coloring or texturing sometimes opt for a chemical lip enhancer method. Lip plumper is available as an over-the-counter product, and it usually contains some form of lip irritant, such as capsicum. This product is found in cayenne peppers, and the lips physically swell up when the plumper is applied.

Some extreme lip enhancer techniques include lip injections and lip surgery. The most popular type of lip injection is made from collagen, and the effects usually last for three to four months. Some people are allergic to the injection, and a dermatologist or esthetician must do this type of procedure. Lip implants are the most common permanent lip enhancement procedure, and they can be made from a wide variety of products and are surgically inserted under the lips.


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Post 3

@Iluviaporos - I know there's an argument that it's natural to want to look good, because in an evolutionary sense it attracts a mate, but I think this kind of enhancement is a waste of time and money.

I don't even wear all that much makeup, except on special occasions. I actually think that's why my lips don't seem to be in as bad shape as some of my friends, because they haven't been damaged over the years by constant coatings of chemicals.

In my opinion, the best instant lip enhancer is a big, friendly smile.

Post 2

@indigomoth - Well, you're only going to notice lip plumping when it's been done badly though, right? I mean, if it is done properly, it looks totally natural and just as though the person has nice lips.

The whole point of plastic surgery of any kind is to make the person look as though they were born that way, without any effort.

I don't think there's anything wrong with it, if someone wants to give themselves a boost. Lips aren't all that big a deal in terms of surgery as mostly they are just injecting something under the skin and it gradually goes away. So, if they do something wrong, it won't last forever.

Of course, if you don't want to go that far, there's always the lip balms that make your lips swell up. I've tried those and they don't make a huge amount of difference, but if they make you feel better about yourself, why not use them?

Post 1

Honestly, I think when people surgically enhance their lips it almost always looks awful. I love thicker looking lips when they suit a face, but if they are going to suit a face, they will already be there.

Pumping up the lips artificially makes them look terrible and fake and I don't think that adds anything to anyone's looks.

If you are so unhappy with your lips, try emphasizing your eyes instead. It's generally true that a person should put the spotlight on one feature or the other, and the eyes can be much more interesting than the lips anyway.

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