What Are the Different Types of Life Coaching Tools?

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Life coaching tools are designed to help individuals discover their true path in life. Different life coaches will use a wide range of coaching tools, but some of the more popular forms include self-care, intuitive visualization, personal manifestation, career and social skill planning. Most of these tools are geared towards the achievement of self-fulfillment and happiness.

The idea of employing the services of a life coach has become increasingly popular as many search for the meaning of their existence. Many want to feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose in what they do on a daily basis. Life coaching tools, such as self-care, are designed to bring an individual back into tune with his needs. Self-care is also an area of life coaching that teaches individuals to take care of their needs, including physical necessities such as adequate rest and exercise.

Without tackling the physical needs first, a person is not going to be able to take care of the rest of life's challenges or address the needs of those around him or her. Life coaching tools geared towards self-care seek to create a healthy compromise between inadequate levels of activity and unrealistic levels of striving. The idea behind self-care is to get an individual to a state where he feels centered and calm enough to make clear, sound decisions in the face of life-altering choices.


There are some life coaching tools that allow participants to explore their inner psyches. The idea is to identify and affirm inner dreams and visions for different areas of life, including romantic partnerships and careers. Sometimes referred to as the "wheel of life," life coaching tools aimed towards self-discovery help an individual uncover his true passion in life, rather than continuing to identify with societal expectations and pressures that may come from reference groups, such as family and friends.

Life coaching is about becoming a more compassionate and giving person by first focusing on being compassionate towards the inner self. Honesty about what someone is passionate about rather than choosing what appears safe can sometimes come about during life coaching exercises. There are tools that help individuals change their perspectives and thinking patterns about certain life situations and their abilities. The premise behind this is that people can spur behavioral changes through their thoughts.

For those who feel that their social life is lacking, there are social skills tools that life coaches use to encourage efforts towards increasing social outings and contacts. Charts that document efforts, activities and goals are used by some as a method of encouragement. Calendars are also included to show an individual's progress towards his desired social life outcome.


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