What Are the Different Types of Learning Manager Jobs?

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Some of the most common types of learning manager jobs occur in fields related to education and training. Examples of learning manager jobs are service learning manager, global leadership and learning manager, health or nursing learning managers, and information technology learning manager. In all cases, individuals with these positions are usually responsible for performing duties such as coordinating programs and actions with educational goals and helping employees to master complicated technologies and procedures that enable them to perform their jobs optimally.

Individuals who have service learning manager jobs normally work in colleges and universities, and sometimes in high schools. These people work with students and faculty members to ensure that students have opportunities to contribute to their communities while studying toward their degrees. It is common for people with these kinds of learning manager jobs to approve of students' proposals for service learning and to communicate with local organizations to ensure that students have local opportunities.

People who operate as global leadership and learning managers, on the other hand, normally work for firms that have entities in different countries around the globe. It is common for a person in this role to be responsible for upholding company policy and values in different communities. Likewise, he or she might learn about the needs of workers in different communities. It is common for people with these kinds of learning manager jobs also to engage in training processes.


When individuals have health or nursing learning manager positions, they commonly normally have high levels of certification in nursing or public health. For example, this kind of learning manager might be a registered nurse with a master's degree in nursing education or nursing administration. These health professionals might be responsible for organizing nursing staff and training nurses in new procedures and relevant technology, though they also might work to promote healthy practices to patients by giving classes and speaking in community organizations, such as schools.

Information technology learning manager jobs require that individuals have strong grasps of complex technological concepts, but also that they are able to communicate these ideas to people who might lack the necessary background. For instance, a learning manager who works in a software development company might help clients to implement and optimize new programs. An individual who works in an information technology department, on the other hand, might train employees of a firm to use new programs properly. He or she might also train information technology employees.


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