What Are the Different Types of Leaf Blower Attachments?

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Leaf blowers are a common garden and yard care tool and while a good leaf blower is useful in its basic configuration, many manufacturers have devised and marketed attachments for their leaf blowers to further enhance their usefulness. Some leaf blowers are packaged for sale with one or more attachments included while other attachments may be sold separately. These details are up to the discretion of the individual manufacturer and may vary from model to model even within one product line. Typical leaf blower attachments include leaf vacuums, mulchers, and attachments for cleaning gutters.

The most common leaf blower attachments are leaf vacuums. These are not really suitable for large scale leaf removal as they usually have only an attached bag to holds the leaves. A leaf blower that can accept a leaf vacuum attachment can be run in reverse, creating suction to pick up the leaves rather than blowing them. Some leaf vacuum attachments also include a mulcher which finely chops the leaves as they are picked up to increase the holding capacity of the catch bag while others are designed to direct the leaves through a large flexible tube or pipe to a larger catch bin for bigger leaf removal jobs. This type of attachment is more suited for a walk-behind leaf blower than a model that is carried by the operator.


Most other leaf blower attachments involve using the powerful blast of air in other ways than just to move leaves. By adding attachments that decrease the size of the aperture for the discharge of air, a leaf blower can be used to blast debris from the small spaces between patio blocks or sidewalk cracks. Another type of leaf blower attachment turns a leaf blower into a large volume crop sprayer for applying insecticides and other liquid treatments.

Home maintenance attachments are another category of leaf blower attachments. Gutter cleaning conversion kits allow the leaf blower to be used to clean debris from gutters and downspouts. Another type of attachment is designed to be attached to almost any hand-held, over-the-shoulder or backpack type leaf blower and is used to scrape moss from roof tiles. The leaf blower blows away the moss as it is removed by the scraper.


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