What are the Different Types of Lawn Mower Tools?

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There are numerous lawn mower tools that can make gardening and landscaping easier and more enjoyable. Depending upon the type of lawn mower one owns, there are attachments that provide a greater level of convenience to the user. There are also a number of accessories that utilize the rotation of the lawn mower's engine to perform additional work while the lawn mower is in operation. From lawn mulchers and advanced catcher bags to seeding and fertilizer units, there are many additions to a lawn care kit available.

Most users require a few basic lawn mower tools. Grass catcher bags are crucial to the sustained maintenance of a lawn, as they allow a user to collect unnecessary grass clippings. Novices may make the mistake of assuming that cut grass clippings are suitable for mulching a lawn. This is not true. In fact, unmulched grass clippings left on a lawn can be detrimental because the thick blanket of clippings prevents adequate irrigation and sunlight from reaching the living grass. Any mulching should be performed carefully, with a suitable lawn mulcher apparatus that grinds down grass clippings to a level fine enough to be beneficial to the lawn.


Other lawn mower tools that are important for a user to keep on hand are spare lawn mower blades and a sharpening kit. The blades of a lawn mower wear down quickly, more so if the user ends up grinding the blades on concrete, rocks or other hard surfaces during operation. In addition, the user should keep on hand a set of wrenches that fit the bolts on the lawn mower. Check to see if the bolts on the mower are metric or standard prior to the purchase of any wrenches.

There are a few lawn mower tools that are necessary for the maintenance of the engine. A gear puller is necessary for the user that intends to remove the engine from the rotating blade assembly of the lawn mower. A spark plug gapping tool will help a user keep the spark plug in perfect working order. This will make the lawn mower engine work efficiently and extend its operational life.

There are also lawn mower tools that help a user transport a mower. A lawn mower hauler allows any user that wants to set up a gardening service or simply to haul a lawn mower somewhere, to safely transport the mower with a tow hitch. A lawn mower lift is useful for users with heavy riding lawn mowers who need to lift the equipment onto a trailer.


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Thanks for all the advice. My son wants to start a lawn mowing business, and I'm proud he is willing to work so I told him I would find some lawn equipment sales and get him what he needs.

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