What are the Different Types of Landscape Rakes?

Misty Amber Brighton

Some types of landscape rakes are designed for removing leaves, pine cones, or grass from a lawn. Others might be more suitable for spreading gravel, topsoil, manure, or compost. There are also those that are best used for working fertilizer into the soil in a flower garden. They might be used manually when landscaping small places, or attached to a garden tractor for working in large areas.

Landscape rakes are designed for removing leaves.
Landscape rakes are designed for removing leaves.

Many times, a yard might need to have debris such as leaves, grass clippings, or pine cones removed from it before planting can begin. There are a number of landscape rakes designed for doing this. Most of the time, these models have a wooden handle that is around four feet (1.22 m) long. There are usually fan-shaped tines at the end of the pole made of plastic or metal. These could be spaced anywhere from 1/2-inch to one inch (1.26 to 2.54 cm) apart.

Specific landscaping rakes are made to spread gravel.
Specific landscaping rakes are made to spread gravel.

In other instances, a person might need to spread compost, gravel, mulch, or other matter. Landscape rakes designed for this purpose may somewhat resemble a push broom. They normally have a flat head and short tines that are placed tightly together. The tines are normally metal, while the handle might be made of wood or plastic.

Hand-held landscape rakes can be useful for adding fertilizer to a flower bed. These devices normally have very short handles that are slightly curved in order to make them easier to hold onto. They also typically have three long tines that are widely spaced and somewhat fan-shaped. They are normally used while kneeling along the edge of a flower bed, but might also be ideal for use in certain kinds of plant containers.

Some types of landscape rakes can be used manually, while others are designed to be pulled behind a riding lawn mower or small tractor. Hand-held versions are normally used when there is a small area to be raked. Larger ones that attach to lawn equipment are generally used when a heavy load of gravel or dirt needs to be spread, such as when making a driveway or walkway.

It can be easy to find the right landscape rake no matter what job a homeowner might need to do. An associate at a lawn and garden store can usually be very helpful in making a selection. Purchasing this equipment can make beautifying a lawn or garden simpler for many people to do. This is true whether they are a professional landscaper or simply a hobbyist.

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@Feryl - Unless you need the exercise or you love raking leaves for some reason, a rake is no longer the tool of choice. I don't care which type of rake you are using. Rakes have there effectiveness and are still useful landscaping equipment, but use a leaf blower to move those leaves around. Or, even better, collect the leaves with a lawn tractor. The job will go much faster, and you will save a lot of energy that you can put towards some other chores.


@Animandel - I agree with you that the flexible rakes are more convenient for many jobs in the yard. However, we have a lot of trees in our yard. A couple of them are pecan trees and they seem to have an endless supply of leaves.

The sturdier rakes with the metal teeth work better for me when I am moving a large number of leaves that are packed on top of one another. These types of rakes will not give and just slide over the top of leaves like the flexible ones tend to do.


I love getting up early on Saturday morning to hit the local yard sales. I went to yard sale a few weekends ago and there was a garage filled with yard tools for sale. I know my way around the yard and am familiar with most gardening equipment, but some of these items in the garage were new to me.

And, I have never seen so many different types of rakes in my life. Usually, I use one of the fan rakes like mentioned in this article. They are light and the flexibility makes them easier to work with. However, like I said, there were a lot of rakes at the yard sale and they were cheap, so I bought five of them, and now I have to figure out exactly what a couple of them are used for and why I need them.

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