What are the Different Types of Landscape Architect Jobs?

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There are four different types of landscape architect jobs: designer, consultant, business owner, and instructor. A landscape architect is someone who is responsible for the design of a physical space. This space is typically a garden or exhibition space. Well-designed landscape spaces are enjoyable, multi-purpose and create a tranquil environment.

Landscape architects have a minimum undergraduate degree in landscape architecture from a recognized university. This program is not widely available, and is usually incorporated into the Faculty of Architecture. There are many similar courses between these two professions, including design concepts, project management and specialized design software.

A design landscape architect is responsible for creating an artistic rendering of the proposed solution. The design must incorporate the existing landscape; create the desired impact while meeting all the environmental requirements, such as proper drainage and moisture absorption tools. Many designers use computer software technology to provide digital representations of the design in two and three dimension format.

One of the most popular landscape architect jobs is professional consulting. This job is most suitable to an architect with at least ten years of experience and a well-established professional reputation. A consultant often reviews design proposals provided by others, discusses the options with property owners and provides assistance in the decision making process.


Although most people start their careers working for a landscape architecture firm, many people branch out and open their own business. As a business owner, they often start landscaping companies and provide consulting services. The combination of business and subject matter expertise allows these types of landscape architect jobs to provide many opportunities.

Experienced landscape architects often find employment as course instructors or professors in landscape architecture schools. These roles are attractive to people with a great deal of experience and education. Many people who take on teaching roles also write books or articles on landscape architecture.

Many landscape architect jobs are available within established firms or in government agencies. In a government agency, an architect can review submissions for planning permission, provide analysis of environmental impact of other designs. They can also provide an overview of all designs in an area to ensure a cohesive overall impression.

Landscape architects often work very long hours designing and refining proposals for potential clients. The average submission has three different designs to allow the client to make the final decision. The creation of these drawings and designs is quite labor-intensive and time-consuming.


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