What Are the Different Types of Lake Decor?

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Lake decor generally focuses on lakefront decorations and waterscape themes. Other types of lake decor may include a fishing sign on an exterior door, or a welcome sign on the front door of a lake house. Lake decor for interior design often includes oil paintings of seascapes or lakes. Planters in the design of a crab or lobster can be used as lake decor as well. It's also common to find the outside of a lake house decorated with a rustic swing set or a mailbox with a lake-inspired theme.

Many fishermen collect certain styles of fish decoys made of hand-carved wood. These fish decoy pieces may be used as decor for lakefront homes. Often made of cherry or oak wood, a decoy may also include a rustic base commonly constructed of pine. Mallard duck decoys are also popular decorations for lake homes.

Doormats are a popular type of lake decor, and these are often custom made. Doormats with waterfront themes may be personalized with a family name or saying of choice. Additionally, these styles of doormats may be used for beach homes.

Figurines and statuettes may also be common in lake homes. These figures often depict animals, such as turtles or tortoises, in a natural lake setting. Large outdoor lawn ornaments or yard statues are commonly used as lake decor as well. Some types of outdoor decor may also be functional, such as a decorative turtle-shaped storage container or trash can.


Home decor for a lake house bathroom may include decorative soap dishes. These dishes may be designed in the shape of a seashell. Additionally, hand and bath towels may have a lake or beach design. Shower curtains with pictures of sailboats may be placed in lake home bathrooms. Bathroom rugs may also be part of the lake-themed decor.

Many types of lake decor also feature nautical designs on everything from dinnerware to curtains. In addition to nautical designs, wildlife are often depicted on household items. A lake home kitchen may be decorated with lightweight curtains that show designs of geese or ducks, animals often seen around lakes. As part of lake-themed decor, duck and goose designs are also used on kitchen canister sets and cookie jars.

Recreational parks and scenic lakes often have picnic tables and benches as functional decor. In addition, ornamental fountains may be used as lake decor. Fountains may be designed in a sporting theme, such as sailing or fishing.


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