What are the Different Types of Kids Organic Clothing?

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Kids organic clothing is clothing that is made from products and materials that meet organic compliance regulations. There are numerous different types of this clothing, from outerwear to underwear, sweaters to pants. Regardless of the type of garment, to qualify as kids organic clothing the piece must be environmentally friendly, which means that it was not in any way harmful to the environment to produce.

As the second-most pesticide-laden crop, cotton is a very common type of fabric used for fashioning children's clothing. The type of organic clothing made from cotton that truly qualifies as an organic piece is that which is made from cotton fabric that has been organically certified. While many type of children's clothing state they are organic, not all are certified. This largely differentiates one type of kids organic clothing from another.

Those clothing pieces made from hemp are another type of kids organic clothing. Hemp is a popular fabric choice for all types of organic clothing due to the fact that as a material it is extremely strong and durable, an important feature for active children. It is also known for its ability to hold in warmth. Those types of kids organic clothing and outerwear fashioned from hemp cloth promise warmth for the wearer. Hemp can also be combined with cotton to create many types of clothing for children.


Bamboo is a renewable fiber. For kids organic clothing, bamboo fabric is often used to create dress wear. Organic girls' dresses are often made from bamboo, as they are soft and have a gentle drape. They are also less expensive than a dress for a child made of silk, a fabric often seen in party dresses.

Though very pricey, raw and organic silk is another option for making all types of kids organic clothing. Light sweat outfits are often made from this airy fabric, which breathes and moves well for those young children who are active and constantly on the go.

While there are many types of fabrics used to make all types of organic kids clothing, one thing must be assured. The dye lots used must be all-natural. This is one commonly overlooked element in many pieces. Simply because the fabric in a type of clothing is organic does not ensure that the process used to add pigmentation was. While there are many types of kids clothing that claim to be organic, the true test of the piece is whether it is certified.


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Post 3

@KoiwiGal - Just because people have only started buying organic clothing recently doesn't mean that there weren't problems in the past. There have been plenty of cases where people have become ill from chemicals that were left on their clothes.

It's one of the reasons they tell you to always wash your clothes before you wear them.

I'm sure it doesn't happen very often, but it wouldn't be a risk at all if you were using organic clothes.

I think in most cases though, they are just too expensive for the average person. Hopefully at some point the price will come down more.

Post 2

I know that kids are vulnerable to chemicals, but I don't really think that's as much of an issue as environmental awareness.

I mean, kids have been wearing non-organic clothes for year and years now. It's only recently that people have started becoming aware of it.

I think organic clothing is a good thing because taking care of our environment is a good thing. It's your kids who are going to inherit it, in whatever condition we leave it in. So, they'd probably ask for organic clothing if they could.

But, it is really expensive, so if you can't afford it, you shouldn't feel like you are condemning your children to suffer from the evils of ordinary kids clothes.

Post 1

Organic clothing for kids is such a good idea as their skin is much more vulnerable to chemicals and, being smaller, they can be affected by them much more easily as well.

But, it's really expensive as well. I actually think someone should come up with a service that will resell kids organic clothing.

That way, not only would it be cheaper than buying it new, it would also ensure that the clothing doesn't get thrown out.

Kids grow out of their clothes so quickly it's ridiculous. I know my nephew has piles and piles of clothes that he never even got a chance to wear because he grew out of them too fast.

Spending a lot of money on something that will only get worn a few times seems silly to me.

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