What Are the Different Types of Kids' Bedroom Lights?

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Kids' bedroom lights are often used both to illuminate and to decorate the room, and there are many types available. One of the most common kinds sits on a surface, such as a desk, to provide either task lighting or a small glow that complements additional lighting in the room. Some kids' bedroom lights not only light up the room, but also cool it off via ceiling fan light fixtures. Lamps also can attach to a wall in kids' rooms and provide plenty of light, though some, such as nightlights, are meant to offer only minimal illumination. Other common kids' bedroom lights include floor lamps, which often fit neatly in corners and can light up entire rooms.

Children often use their bedroom to complete homework or read, typically at a desk or while relaxing in bed, which is why task lighting is popular for kids' bedrooms. This type of light often uses a halogen bulb to create a bright glow, making it easy for kids to see as they write, color, read or work on puzzles. A similar but often less bright choice is a small accent lamp, which can be placed on a desk, night stand or dresser to cast a modest glow over the room.


Ceiling fans are another choice for kids' bedrooms, and they can provide both light and a breeze. Fans are usually placed on the ceiling in the middle of the room to light up the entire area. They are available in various colors and designs to match nearly any theme, allowing them to add to the bedroom decor while also serving a practical purpose.

Some kids' bedroom lights are attached to the wall, providing light to either the entire room or just the immediate area, depending on the size of the light. For example, sconces are often placed high on a wall so they can provide the bedroom with lots of light. They range from a basic light with a solid-colored lampshade over the bulb to creative lights, perhaps in the shape of an animal or covered with a unique lampshade. Some kids' bedroom lights that attach to the wall include nightlights, which are usually found plugged into an electrical outlet near the floor. Though the point of a nightlight is to provide only a small amount of light at night, they often serve as additional bedroom decoration, because they also come in many colors and shapes.

Floor lamps also are common types of kids' bedroom lights and, like most other kinds, they also can be considered part of the bedroom decor. This type of bedroom lighting can be plain or creative. A lampshade for this style of light also can fit perfectly into just about any child's room, because it is available in a variety of colors and designs to match the rest of the bedroom.


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