What are the Different Types of Jogging Accessories?

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There is a wide range of jogging accessories which have different purposes. Some items, such as running shoes and pedometers, are designed to make a person’s workout more effective. Some are designed to address lifestyle issues, such as jogging strollers and cell phone holders.

One of the first jogging accessories that a person may consider investing in is shoes. To make a good choice, a person should generally consider more than fashion. The type of shoes a person runs in can have a great effect on her workout and her body. There are various types of running shoes and many are designed to address certain problems or foot formations, which can help prevent injuries.

In addition to shoes, many people purchase apparel specifically for running. There are several things to consider when purchasing these jogging accessories, such as fit and comfort, which can affect how long or how often a person exercises. Material is also important because certain fabrics are not suggested for jogging due to the manner in which they absorb sweat and the effect they have on the regulation of body temperature.

Pedometers are jogging accessories designed to track the number of steps a person takes. This is important to some individuals because they measure progress through an increase in the number of steps. These devices are also useful because in many cases they provide the jogger with other information such as distance traveled, time elapsed, and calories burned.


Some people purchase ankle and wrist weights as jogging accessories. It is believed that increasing the weight on these areas can help burn more calories at a faster rate and help improve muscle development. There is some debate of whether or not this tactic should be employed, since some argue that the extra load takes a toll on joints in the arms and legs.

If some people were told they had to run without their cell phones or MP3 players, they probably would not run at all. For many runners, carrying small electronics is imperative and this has resulted in the advent of jogging accessories designed to attach these items to the body so they are not a distraction and the hands can be free. Examples of accessories in this category include arm straps, waist pouches, and wrap-around earphones.

Jogging is one of the methods that many new mothers use to get back into shape. To accommodate the exercise and the baby, there are jogging strollers. These generally differ from traditional strollers because they are designed to accommodate the leg action of an individual who is running. A jogging stroller may have features for the baby such as wind and sun screens and features for the jogger such as a water bottle holder and zipper compartment for items such as keys and identification.

Other people may need jogging accessories that accommodate their pets. There are leashes that are specially designed to connect a jogger and her dog without requiring her to hold the strap. Being able to run hands-free can be a benefit because it can improve the jogger’s balance and allow her to get a more effective workout.


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