What Are the Different Types of Jobs That Require an Associate's Degree?

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There are many jobs that require an associate's degree, including positions in engineering, court reporting and fashion design. In order to step into many entry-level management positions in the hospitality and retail fields, applicants are often required to possess an associate's degree as a minimum qualification. Many careers in the medical field, such as dental hygienist, radiation therapist and nurse, also require that job applicants have earned an associate's degree. A wide variety of professional careers require an associate's degree, including paralegals, accountants and computer specialists.

Specialized medical training, such as that required to become a radiologic technologist or diagnostic medical sonographer, is often offered as part of certain associate degree programs. A variety of nursing positions also require applicants to have earned an associate's degree. In some locations, workers filling medical positions are not only required to be licensed, they must also have obtained an associate's degree. Other medical jobs that require an associate's degree include nuclear medicine technologists, occupational therapy assistants and dental hygienists.

Associate degree programs can train students for a variety of careers working hands-on with people. There are two-year degrees to educate students as massage therapists, vocational nurses and respiratory therapists. Pharmacy and laboratory technicians are typically required to complete specialized training that will result in earning an associate's degree. Some positions working with animals are jobs that require an associate's degree, such as a veterinary technician, assistant or technologist.


Many engineering jobs require the skills gained through an associate's degree, including positions as mechanical, industrial and aerospace engineering technicians. Other jobs that require an associate's degree include those in the electrical field. Electrical engineering technicians, electrical drafters and electrical repairers are also jobs that require an associate's degree.

For those seeking a career in aviation, an associate's degree will open the door to many positions, including avionics technicians, aircraft mechanics and service technicians, as well as aerospace engineering and operations technicians. Careers working with animals, including a veterinary technologist or technician, often require an associate's degree. Forensic science technicians, court reporters and funeral directors are other positions which often require a two-year degree.

An associate's degree can also help pave the way for many entry-level positions in the business world. Two-year degrees are available to teach business skills in accounting, human resources and data entry. Many computer-related jobs, including computer support specialists, are also jobs that require an associate's degree. Some sales positions also require an associate's degree, as do most managerial positions.


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