What are the Different Types of Jobs in Education Administration?

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There are a number of different types of jobs in education administration, which are often established by the needs of various levels of education. In public education, such as primary and secondary schools, these jobs often include principal and assistant principal of a school as well as various administrative positions within a school and school district. There are also a number of jobs in education administration available at higher levels, such as tertiary education, including numerous administrators in financial services, registration, and departmental positions like academic deans and chair positions.

Jobs in education administration are often positions outside of a classroom, though some administrators may have experience as teachers as well. These positions can vary quite a bit, and often depend on the needs of a school or school district. In the US, for example, there are jobs in education administration at a school level, as well as those at a district level. The offices of a school district will typically have a number of different administrators supervising the various aspects of education within a district.


These administrators can oversee budgets for the district, establish standards that students and teachers must meet, and administer tests to evaluate how such standards are being met. There are also jobs in education administration at a district level that are more supervisory in nature, such as members of a school board and the superintendent of a district. At the school level, jobs in education administration typically involve overseeing the needs of students and teachers.

Principals usually act as supervisors of the various jobs in education administration at a school. They ensure budgets are met, deal with disciplinary issues of both students and teachers, and otherwise oversee the daily operations of the school. Many schools also have assistant or vice principals to assist the principal of a school, especially in monitoring teacher performance and student behavior. Other administrators at a school often include people working in registration, student attendance, and health or security personnel.

Tertiary or higher education institutions also typically provide a number of different jobs in education administration. These include a number of roles similar to those found at lower levels of education, though there are typically more administrators since the scale of operations at a college or university is often much larger. The needs of a university or college also often call for administrators who oversee tuition and financial assistance for students. Different departments at a college will also have different administrators, such as secretaries and advisers, as well as administration positions held by professors such as departmental chairs and deans.


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