What Are the Different Types of Jobs in Corporate Finance?

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Investment bankers are finance professionals who are at the front and center of money-raising initiatives that occur in the financial markets, and these positions are common places where jobs in corporate finance can be uncovered. Financial analysts might rate equity or debt deals that unfold in the capital markets, and subsequently, jobs in corporate finance can be found at analyst firms, as well. Jobs in corporate finance are associated with raising debt or equity in the financial markets to improve an organization's operations, support growth and provide value to shareholders without absorbing too many financial risks.

Under the investment-banking umbrella, there are many types of jobs in corporate finance to obtain. Large investment banks often divide the focus of banking groups by the industry, such as retail, gaming or technology, or by the type of money-raising and underwriting activities that will unfold, such as debt or equity deals. Bankers who focus on a particular industry perform deals throughout various market cycles and might be able to determine the most ideal economic conditions for raising money in a particular industry. There are junior and senior banker positions that might be offered, and the individual who qualifies for such positions can advance based on his or her experience.


There are different types of corporate finance, and it's possible that careers might focus on specific types of money-raising activities. Jobs in corporate finance could be devoted to merger and acquisition (M&A) activity solely. Investment bankers in these roles liaise with corporate executives to determine the best way to finance deals, such as with equity or debt, and what the proper valuation of a business or asset might be.

M&A bankers might be devoted to one deal for a number of months or longer. Corporate finance jobs for bankers in restructuring include offering advice to companies that might be reorganizing a business following a bankruptcy. Banking professionals in these positions might lead corporate executives through bankruptcy filing, court proceedings and turnaround strategies so that business can continue.

After corporate executives announce a restructuring or lay the groundwork for a capital-raising event in the financial markets, analysts might be assigned to rate these events. Jobs in corporate finance for analysts might include rating a transaction after it has occurred or even changing the rating on a company based on anticipated deals. For instance, if a company goes through some reorganization and is expected to issue debt to raise money for operations, it might be the job of a financial analyst to anticipate this money-raising event by combing through regulatory documents and subsequently issuing or changing a rating on that entity or the deal itself. The rating that an analyst assigns an issuer can affect shareholder activity in an investment.


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