What Are the Different Types of Jet Lag Pills?

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Researchers strive to understand and cure jet leg, but little progress has been made in the effort to create a pill that prevents jet leg every time. Some types of drugs, like homeopathic and herbal varieties, do not work for everyone and might only induce a placebo effect. Other drugs, like those containing melatonin hormones, can have serious side effects, especially if taken in excess. Sometimes, travelers opt to take sleeping pills instead of pills meant specifically for jet leg, but this is generally not recommended due to the habit-forming nature of some sleep medications.

Homeopathic jet lag pills are usually made from very diluted natural ingredients. In fact, homeopathic remedies are often diluted so much that the final product has an insignificant amount of the original ingredients or none at all. Still, many people turn toward this alternative medicine for relief from jet leg symptoms because it has no drug interactions or side effects. While homeopathic jet lag pills and homeopathic treatments in general are somewhat controversial because scientific evidence fails to prove their effectiveness, some people find great relief in taking this kind of pill.


Herbal jet lag pills typically contain few or no unnatural chemicals, and the herbs used are sometimes certified organic. Feverfew herb, wood betany leaf, and fresh wild oat seed are a few ingredients that might be included in an herbal jet lag remedy. Like homeopathic remedies, herbal jet leg pills are usually not scientifically proven to work, though a lot of people claim to experience positive effects. It is important to note that herbal jet lag pills can have side effects; the words "100% natural" do not always mean safe to consume.

Supplements containing melatonin hormones are sometimes used to treat jet lag. Melatonin is a hormone that fluctuates in accordance with a human’s circadian rhythm. By taking melatonin supplements, some people seek to regulate or alter their personal sleeping rhythm. Many people have found melatonin supplements to be helpful in treating their jet lag, but others have not.

Pills that help induce sleep are often used when dealing with jet lag. Sometimes people use sleeping pills in an attempt to reset their sleep schedule to their current time zone. The sleeping pills help by causing the body to feel sleepy when when it's time to go to bed. That sleeping pills make people feel tired and fatigued means they carry associated risks, however. After consuming sleeping pills a person may be unable to operate machinery and perform certain tasks.


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