What are the Different Types of IT Certification Exams?

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There are different types of IT certification exams an individual can take to become a qualified supporter of specific standards established by the computing industry. Some certifications determine if a professional is qualified to repair or replace specific components on a computer workstation or server without depending on the manufacturer to complete the actual service.

The successful completion of other certification exams may allow a technician to troubleshoot or maintain the operating system required to run the hardware a company uses under the guidelines and requirements of the software developer, which were designed for a specific technical staff. Network engineers require completely different types of IT certification exams that deal with the standards and practices of communication, security and protocol to efficiently support their company network and infrastructure.

Hardware is one of the most common areas where an IT professional is certified. For example, with Windows-based workstations, A+ certification requires accurate knowledge of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting desktop systems, but may be granted to those in specialized disciplines such as an IT technician, depot technician, or help desk technician. An Apple Certified Macintosh Technician qualifies an individual to troubleshoot and repair Apple hardware while following the manufacturers standards and procedures.


Whether a technician or engineer supports Microsoft Windows, Apple, or Linux software, programs that offer IT certification exams focusing on a specific operating system could prove to be highly beneficial to their future. Certifications directly related to the operating systems of both workstations and servers include the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Apple Certified Support Professional, the Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist, and the junior, advanced and senior Level Linux Professional Certifications.

There are a number of network certification exams available for those engineers and administrators responsible for supporting and maintaining a company's network infrastructure. Different types of IT certification exams may include the CCNA, an acronym for the Cisco Certified Network Associate, which certifies that an individual is qualified to install, configure, and maintain mid-sized routed and switched networks. This also includes the remote configurations of wireless area networks. Overall completion and passing a network certification exam exhibits an IT professional's knowledge in the management, support and configuration of a basic network infrastructure. An IT professional's resume, skill set and attractive qualities will improve greatly if any of the IT certification exams offered are seriously pursued and completed with success.


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