What Are the Different Types of Irish Appetizers?

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There are a number of different types of Irish appetizers that can be served as a pre-meal snack. Many of these are dips or spreads served with cheese, crackers, or crusty breads. Others are hot appetizers, such as the ever popular "bangers in a blanket," or small Irish sausages baked inside crescent rolls. These all make great finger foods and are easy to make and serve, whether they are the main course at a party or just a preview to a larger dinner. There are many different recipes for such appetizers to be found online.

Some of the most common types of Irish appetizers include dips and spreads. There are many different ways to prepare and serve them, and there are hot or cold options here as well. Spinach dip and artichoke dip are two popular ones, though a corned beef spread is also a favorite. Herbs such as parsley, basil, and dill are often used to create dips and spreads, sometimes formed into a cheese ball that can then be spread onto bread or crackers. Chutney is another common spread served with puffed pastry as an Irish appetizer.


Other types of appetizers will need to be baked, such as the "bangers in a blanket" mentioned above. These are easy to make, and simply require wrapping a cooked Irish sausage in a crescent roll and baking it so that the roll puffs up around it. They can then be served plain or with a dipping sauce. Stuffed mushrooms are another favorite; they can be filled with many different ingredients, through rice is a common choice. Appetizers sometimes include seafood as well, such as scallops or prawns prepared in various ways.

Certain Irish appetizers are designed to be served with a pint of beer. Chicken wings, for example, or fried onion rings are a good choice in this instance. A sausage kebab is another appetizer that is frequently served, though this could also be a meal. This is really a type of sandwich, typically a sausage and mixed vegetables wrapped in a roll and baked. It is much like a larger version of the "bangers in a blanket" appetizer. Of course, simple appetizers that don't require cooking or baking can certainly be served as well, such as a simple cheese or vegetable platter, or a platter served with mixed deli meats.


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Post 4
@donasmrs-- Potatoes and sausage always works!

Shepherd's pie is also a great Irish appetizer. It's usually made as a large pie, but you can also make them as small hand pies. I promise you it will be a hit!

Post 3

@donasmrs-- I actually don't know too many Irish recipes. But when we had a party for St. Patrick's day, I used green food coloring to make foods more "Irish." Can you do something like that?

If you don't want to take the easy route, you can make a pastry with salmon and cheese or salmon and cream. These were everywhere when I went to Ireland. Irish cheddar cheese is also very good. You can serve that with some Irish bread. It's called Irish soda bread I believe.

Post 2

I've been making bangers in a blanket as appetizer for the past three events at my house. I have my husband's side of the family coming over this week. I think it's time for a new Irish appetizer. Any suggestions?

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