What Are the Different Types of Internet Career Opportunities?

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Internet career opportunities are found in many fields and usually allow employees to work from home or another location that has Internet access. Although freelancing is one of the most common ways one can work online, some traditional employers also allow employees to work entirely online or with a combination of telecommuting and working from the office. Writers, editors, researchers, computer programmers, transcribers, teachers, accountants and web designers have many career opportunities on the Internet, though creating an online business also is possible for those who want to advance.

Freelancing offers many Internet career opportunities in the fields of writing, editing, research, web design, programming, data entry and transcription. There are many websites that let prospective workers bid on projects, and there also are online companies that hire workers for a specific role. Common jobs include writing for blogs and websites, editing website content or academic and professional documents, designing website layouts and graphics, writing desktop or web-based applications, translating documents into other languages and transcribing various types of audio files. Many workers pursue multiple freelance opportunities and also may operate their own websites or online businesses.


There also are many customer service and sales positions that one can do on the Internet. Although some of these jobs require a physical telephone line, others allow workers to make or receive customer phone calls using only an Internet connection. Common Internet career opportunities in this area include offering technical support for products, making outgoing sales calls, providing billing support, conducting interviews and surveys and offering customer service for online commerce websites. Some of these jobs also may use an online chat system that lets workers offer customer support through a program or web browser.

For those with extensive knowledge of a subject and the right amount of education, there are many Internet career opportunities available in online teaching and tutoring. Tutoring companies hire remote workers to teach or tutor students from elementary school through college. Those who want to offer services on their own can tutor students through instant messaging or video conference applications.

Traditional businesses also sometimes offer Internet career opportunities, but they also may require workers to come to the physical office on a certain schedule. Common industries offering these opportunities include information technology, sales, accounting, finance and the legal field. Some employers also may simply require a training period at a physical location and allow the employee to work from home after that.


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