What are the Different Types of Insurance Benefits?

Alicia Sparks

There are many different types of insurance benefits, and each one covers a specific area of need. Examples of insurance policies people can purchase include health, dental, and life insurance as well as car and home insurance. The benefits involved with each kind of coverage depend on the provider and the exact policy purchased. Depending on the location, the law requires people to purchase some types of insurance, while it makes other kinds of coverage optional. Before deciding to purchase or avoid a particular insurance policy, it’s important to understand an area’s legal requirements regarding insurance benefits.

Automobiles must be insured in most jurisdictions.
Automobiles must be insured in most jurisdictions.

Most people obtain certain kinds of insurance policies through their employers, their insured spouses or parents, or some kind of group or professional affiliation. The most common types of such coverage include health insurance benefits, dental insurance benefits, and life insurance benefits. The exact kinds of benefits provided by the policy depends on the insurance company and the policy purchased. For example, a health benefits package might only cover a certain number of visits to the doctor per year. A dental policy might only cover certain kinds of dental procedures.

People don't have to purchase unemployment insurance benefits, which are available to people who have lost their job. .
People don't have to purchase unemployment insurance benefits, which are available to people who have lost their job. .

Typically, people must purchase car insurance benefits and home insurance benefits on their own. Sometimes, professional or other kinds of group affiliations will offer members the option to purchase these benefits at discounted rates. Still, the majority of people purchase these insurance policies privately from licensed insurance agencies. Oftentimes, people will purchase these kinds of insurance policies from the same agency. As with other types of benefits, car and home insurance coverage depends on the insurer and the policy the owner purchases.

There are certain kinds of benefits people don’t have to purchase. One such example is unemployment insurance benefits. Unemployment benefits are available to people who have lost their jobs and need financial assistance while they look for new employment. The laws that govern unemployment benefits vary by location, as do the exact benefits the participants receive. The best way to find details about unemployment benefits is to contact the local government office that handles unemployment.

Some insurance policies and benefits, like life insurance and dental insurance, are optional in most areas. Other kinds of insurance are required. For example, nearly every state in America requires those who own registered vehicles to purchase car insurance. At the same time, some insurance policies are required for some people and not for others. Homeowners, for instance, usually only have to pay for home insurance policies if they’re still making mortgage payments to the bank or other lender.

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Laotionne - You said the tree was on your neighbor's property. In this case, he could be responsible for the damage to your car. I would check and see whether he or she has homeowner's insurance and see whether this will cover the damage to your car. Even if the neighbor does not have insurance, I think he or she is still responsible since the tree is on his or her property.


@Laotionne - Do you have homeowner's insurance? If you have this type of insurance then you might be covered for the falling limb. Renter's insurance might cover this as well, depending on the particular policy. General car insurance isn't going to help you with this situation.


@Laotionne - You will need to check your policy or call your insurance agent to find out for certain which insurance benefits you are eligible to receive. However, if you only have liability insurance, which is the minimum requirement, then you will not be covered.

When I rented a house that was in the middle of the woods it had trees all around, and I made certain to ask my insurance agent what I needed to do to make sure I was covered should one of the trees fall on my car. I remember that I had to pay a little extra for this coverage.


Will my auto insurance coverage benefits cover the cost of repairing the damage my car received when a tree limb fell on it during a wind storm? The car was parked in my yard, but the limb came from a tree on my neighbor's side of the fence, and it totally caved in the top of my little car.

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