What Are the Different Types of Indian Baby Food?

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Indian baby food often includes vegetarian and rice recipes, made with spices such as cinnamon and cumin. Many types of Indian baby food are pureed for infants over the age of eight months, while Indian food for toddlers may be made into a stew. Stewed Indian baby food may include bite-sized portions of potatoes, vegetables, chicken or beef, prepared with a savory herb sauce. Soups made with flavorful herbs and spices may also be prepared for older babies and toddlers. When preparing Indian baby food, ghee is often used in place of ordinary butter.

A popular type of Indian food prepared for toddlers is Indian vegetable soup. There are variations to this dish, but most recipes will include carrots or peas. Beets, turnips and green beans may also be used for this Indian soup recipe. To add flavor, a pinch of cumin is generally added, as well as onion powder or chopped onion. Some prefer to puree or chop the vegetables in a food processor before adding them to the soup, as the smooth texture may be easier for babies to chew and digest.


To introduce different textures to a baby, green vegetables and herbs may also be used for preparing Indian baby food. Cilantro and basil are two common herbs used for preparing Indian dishes for babies and toddlers. A popular Indian dish made with herbs and spices is Indian yogurt chicken. Yogurt and clarified butter is often used to create a sauce for this dish, while the herbs and spices add flavor and texture. In addition, curry powder may be used for making this Indian baby food recipe.

Older babies and toddlers may enjoy Indian food made with baked white fish and curried spices. When preparing fish recipes for toddlers, boned fish is used to prevent the possibility of choking. The fish is often cubed before cooking, or it may be flaked with a fork before serving it to a child. Cumin and tomato may be added for flavor and texture.

Many Indian dishes are prepared with clarified butter, often referred to as ghee. The removal of fat and milk solids may make the Indian baby food easier to digest. There is also belief that ghee may boost the immune system in older infants and toddlers.

In addition to vegetarian, meat or fish Indian food, fruit desserts are another option. A mildly flavored dessert for older babies and toddlers is pureed apples and cinnamon. Alternately, pureed bananas or pears may be prepared with cinnamon and allspice.


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