What are the Different Types of Immigration Jobs?

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Careers in immigration provide an opportunity to promote public safety, offer guidance on immigrant laws and regulations, and educate the immigrant population of a country. Immigration jobs exist in several capacities including investigations, deportation, enforcement, and education. Jobs may be available with various government agencies, immigration services offices, and schools.

The safety and security of the people and infrastructure of a country are among the chief responsibilities of those working in immigration jobs for a government agency. They work to provide security along the borders and prevent illegal immigrants from entering. In addition, they help investigate potential threats to various components of a country’s infrastructure, including natural resources and financial networks.

Various immigration jobs are available with government agencies. This can include jobs investigating illegal immigration, collecting intelligence related to national security threats, and deporting illegal immigrants. Job titles often include special agent, intelligence officer, and deportation officer.

Other types of positions also exist within government agencies. This includes positions responsible for auditing financial information of suspected criminal networks at home and abroad. Other positions include work in customs, border control, and with local law enforcement agencies.

Immigration services offices can help educate and provide guidance for new immigrants. This includes helping them complete the necessary paperwork for citizenship and helping them meet legal requirements. These types of jobs can often be found with local community service agencies and regional branches of government agencies.


Types of immigration jobs available through immigration services offices vary. Options include providing clerical assistance for filing paperwork and providing legal assistance. Positions include interpreters, immigration paralegals, and visa and immigration specialists. Immigration lawyers assist immigrants with meeting legal requirements, and may represent them in immigration and deportation cases.

Employees with local immigration services offices also offer a variety of other services for clients. This can include helping them secure work and find housing. Other services immigration advisors may provide include helping with the opening of bank accounts and dealing with currency conversions.

Immigration jobs also exist to educate those wishing to become legal citizens. This can include helping immigrants improve language and communication skills as well as successfully pass citizenship exams. Immigration and citizenship educators focus on providing an overview of the history and cultural background of a country so students can be made aware of their rights and responsibilities as a new citizen. In addition, teachers specializing in the instruction of second language students and local culture can be found at the elementary, secondary and college level.


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