What Are the Different Types of Image Processing Conferences?

G. Wiesen

Different types of image processing conferences are often organized by a particular group or based on a certain application of this discipline. Some seminars and workshops, for example, can be arranged by a company that creates technology used in image analysis and processing, to instruct people on using their products. There are also image processing conferences offered by different organizations that focus on a particular aspect of the industry, such as computer security or new methods for analysis. Some seminars and events can also be arranged by schools or professional organizations to focus on a particular field of image processing, such as medical imaging.

Medical imaging may be addressed at image processing conferences.
Medical imaging may be addressed at image processing conferences.

Typically, image processing conferences are professional meetings intended for various individuals who use image analysis and processing as part of their careers. Many of these seminars and events are arranged and hosted by companies that are involved in the industry, typically those that develop new hardware and software used in the field. These image processing conferences provide developers with direct access to the customers who use their products, providing them with powerful feedback. Such events can also be used to provide instruction and demonstrate new features that an upcoming product may have, combining professional education with targeted marketing.

Some image processing conferences are provided by professional organizations for their members, as a way for different individuals to meet and network. These events are not necessarily intended only for people working in a particular field, but instead extend to various professionals who use image processing or analysis in a wide range of industries. Much like image processing conferences hosted by developers, these events can include educational workshops and demonstrations of new products, which help people learn about various concepts. Seminars and conferences offered by these organizations may also target a particular aspect of the industry in general, such as improvements in computer security to maintain the privacy of analyzed images.

There are also some image processing conferences that are hosted by schools or more specific professional groups to appeal to a particular industry. A college of mathematics, for example, might host a conference for people who use math and different algorithms in the development of image processing software and techniques. Image processing conferences can also be hosted by a medical school or organization for people who use image analysis methods in the medical field. These types of seminars and workshops give individuals a chance to meet with other professionals in their field, and include events to see new technology as well as develop networks within an industry.

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