What Are the Different Types of IFRS Seminars?

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There are several different kinds of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) seminars, both in the classroom and online. These include everything from short seminars that provide information about specific issues to comprehensive certificate courses made up of several different kinds of IFRS seminars. Often accounting professionals will attend multiple seminars over time in order to stay updated and well-informed about this accounting method.

Some of the most common IFRS seminars provide a general overview which can help an accounting professional get a start in using the method. These can last from a couple of days to a few weeks, depending on the content provided. They will typically cover the major areas of the system, from financial statements and revenue to assets and liabilities.

There are also shorter IFRS seminars of about one to two days which can keep accounting professionals apprised of specific issues relevant to IFRS. These can include special focus on areas such as pensions or the institution of changes in regulations. A shorter seminar may also concern the use of the method in a particular field or geographic region. These events are typically attended by accountants who are already familiar with the method and who wish to improve and update their skills.


One of the most comprehensive types of IFRS seminars are groups of classes combined into a certificate program. Usually the participants in these programs will already have some sort of accounting education and experience. These kinds of courses typically center on scenarios and other activities that provide participants with hands-on experience.

Most organizations that present IFRS seminars suggest that participants have at least a fundamental understanding of accounting principles. For the most part, a basic understanding of whatever system is common in the attendee’s nation will provide enough preparation for learning about IFRS. This is primarily because the system is geared to translate to all nations, and thus contains many of the basic ideas of the most commonly used methods.

IFRS seminars can be found everywhere from the corporate to the academic world. Shorter seminars are commonly presented by accounting firms and other companies in the field because they provide a good promotional arena. Professional organizations also commonly hold events in order to improve the skills of their membership and boost the profession overall. More comprehensive courses tend to be found in the academic world, though there are also companies which exist specifically to provide this kind of instruction.


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