What Are the Different Types of Human Services Career Opportunities?

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Depending upon where a person's interest lies, he may find that human services career opportunities exist in many sub-specialties. A few examples of job opportunities in human services are probation officer and drug and alcohol abuse counselor. Those who enjoy helping children and teenagers may find human services career opportunities as a youth worker. A good way to become involved in helping the community is by finding human services career opportunities as a community outreach worker.

Job placement as a social worker enables people to help others in many ways. The social worker may specialize in helping those with disabilities or finding housing for low-income families. Many social workers are also trained to offer intervention in domestic violence situations.

Those who are trained in child care may look for career opportunities as a day care worker. Alternately, people who have experience in caring for geriatric patients, may choose career options as an adult day care director or worker. Duties may include a caretaker for seniors in need of special attention and interaction during the day.


Those with a desire to help children in perilous situations might look for human services career opportunities as a child abuse worker or counselor. A child abuse caseworker may intervene to remove a child from an abusive home or gather facts regarding a suspected child abuse situation. Child abuse counselors offer counseling to victims of child abuse, and sometimes to the abuser as well.

Job opportunities as a marriage counselor or family intervention counselor are other types of human services careers. A marriage counselor is someone who offers advice to couples who are having marital difficulties. Many couples who are estranged hope to find reconciliation through marriage counseling. Family intervention counselors offer human services targeted at helping to maintain family unity.

Human services career opportunities may also include work as a mental health aid. This career involves close interaction with patients who are suffering from some form of mental illness. The mental health aid may work in a residential home, a halfway house, or the psychiatric ward of a hospital.

Being a member of the clergy can involve human services work. Providing a vital service to the community, a clergyman's duties are varied. A clergyman will generally do more than lead his congregation to accept faith and religion. Often, members of the clergy are called upon for comfort in times of emotional need.


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@raynbow- Working as a counselor would be very rewarding. You would have opportunities to guide and help people in sorting out problems in their lives. I think that would make anyone in the field feel very good about the work she does.

Post 2

@raynbow- I think that any position in human services in which you would be working with children would be most rewarding. For example, helping children in daycare programs would allow you to help teach them and shape their futures. I can't think of any career choice that would be more rewarding than that!

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I have a relative who is thinking about going into human services field and I want to give her some advice. Does anyone have any thoughts about the most rewarding positions in this career path?

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