What Are the Different Types of Human Growth Steroids?

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There are a number of different substances that can be referred to as human growth steroids. Many of these substances are variations of the naturally occurring steroid, testosterone, which is present in both men and women and affects the body by increasing aggression, causing the male secondary sexual characteristics, and improving the growth of muscle. These steroids are sometimes prescribed to patients who suffer from conditions that cause them to lose weight and muscle. Human growth steroids may also be steroidal supplements that are chemically similar to growth hormone.

None of the steroids that occur in the human body are directly responsible for human growth. Instead of using human growth steroids, the human body relies on a chemical known as growth hormone. This hormone is a peptide and is used to activate the natural growth that occurs from the time a baby is conceived to the time a young adult ceases to grow taller. This substance is released by the pituitary gland, but the amount of the hormone tapers off as a person ages.

Synthetic variations of growth hormone can sometimes be referred to as human growth steroids. These chemicals are taken by people to improve vitality and increase youthfulness. Like other commercially available steroids, they can also help a person put on muscle and keep off fat.


There are a few different types of androgens produced by the human body, which could be considered to be human growth steroids because they are responsible for the development and growth of muscle tissue. Androstenedione is a steroid that the body converts into testosterone, and androsterone and dihydrotestosterone are human growth steroids that are produced out of testosterone. Androgens are also responsible for male sexual development and drive.

Numerous companies manufacture human growth steroids for medical use. These are many different types of these steroids, though all of them are derived from testosterone. Alterations to the chemical structure of these steroids give them slightly different properties, such as the length of time they are effective or the side effects they produce. When used medically, there are two main preparations for human growth steroids. These medications may be taken orally or injected into the muscle tissue of a patient.

In addition to types of human growth steroids manufactured legally, there are also steroids created on the black market. These drugs can be extremely dangerous to use because there is no quality control to ensure that they are pure. Athletes who wish to improve muscle mass should consult with healthcare professionals and discuss their options rather than turning to illegally produced steroids.


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