What are the Different Types of Hospitality Industry Jobs?

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The hospitality industry revolves around providing excellent customer service in a wide variety of positions. There are many different kinds of hospitality industry jobs, including many of the positions available at hotels, restaurants, vacation destinations, and event planning services. For people who love working with customers and enjoy the travel, tourism, and leisure activity market, the hospitality industry may be just the right fit.

Hotels are a great place to find hospitality industry jobs. While fine furnishings and fancy clubs are great features, the efficiency and attitude of the staff may be a major factor in determining a hotel's reputation. Hospitality jobs at hotels include domestic work, such as housekeeping, concierge jobs, and receptionist positions. In addition, many hotels need workers with specialized skills to perform hospitality jobs, such as pool lifeguards, bartenders, and daycare givers. In areas with a good tourism or business market, hospitality jobs at hotels may be consistently available.


Some restaurants feature a variety of jobs that are related to hospitality. Greeters and hostesses can help set the tone for a dining experience by meeting customers at the door and helping them to a table. Waiters and waitresses must interact with their customers throughout the meal, always being polite and ready to assist if necessary. At a fine dining restaurant, one job that is sometimes available is as a sommelier. As a wine expert, the sommelier can recommend wine pairings and is always ready with the details and history of a particular bottle.

Areas that attract a lot of tourists often have a wide variety of hospitality jobs with varying descriptions. Locations with prominent natural features often have tours available with experienced guides who are able to lead tourists to see natural wonders. Theme parks may feature hundreds of hospitality jobs, involving everything from selling popcorn to dressing up like a famous cartoon character. Any area with a casino will usually have a variety of hospitality industry jobs available, from croupiers to VIP concierge agents.

One other major area where hospitality jobs are rampant is event planning. Catering companies, florists, DJ services, and venue rental businesses are all important hospitality outposts. For anyone who dreams of becoming a party or wedding planner, entry-level jobs in this segment of the hospitality industry can be a great place to start gaining skills and experience.

Finding hospitality industry jobs in a local area may involve checking the want ads and canvassing local hospitality-based businesses, like hotels, with resumes. To find jobs that involve travel or special skills, Internet searches for “hospitality jobs” may turn up a variety of exciting and profitable results. Large chain hospitality companies, such as cruise ship lines or major hotel groups, often post available job opportunities on their central website.


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Post 2

@Certlerant - People can be jerks, that's for sure.

Cruise ship employees have a reputation for being particularly disenchanted with their job choice.

Who wouldn't want a job where you can travel to beautiful locations all over the world and get top-rate food and lodging, right?

However, the staff on a cruise ship does not get to spend the day at the different ports of call, eat at the captain's table or sleep in ocean view rooms, to say the least.

Post 1

It seems like hospitality jobs have among the highest turnover in any industry.

Maybe working to make others comfortable and happy when they are out to eat or staying at a hotel or resort isn't nearly as glamorous as people think.

It's important to remember when you take a hospitality job that you'll be cleaning up after and basically waiting on people who are expecting a lot for the money they spend and often don't care who they yell at or offend.

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