What Are the Different Types of Hospitality Career Opportunities?

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Hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, casinos, and rental agencies are some of the businesses that offer hospitality career opportunities. Reservation agent, waiter, concierge, bartender, and housekeeper are just a few of the many hospitality career opportunities available. Some other career options in the hospitality field are hotel manager, bellhop, chef, and gaming operator.

Entry-level positions in the hospitality field generally don’t pay well, but they may have benefits and the possibility of career advancement. Employees in some hospitality jobs, such as waitresses, housekeepers, bellhops, and bartenders, can expect to receive tips in addition to wages. These lower-paying jobs generally don’t require an education above high school. Some bartenders attend school to learn how to mix and serve drinks, but many are trained on the job. If a person wants to be a chef or to pursue a career in hospitality management, however, he will usually need to further his education.

A chef prepares meals for guests and supervises the kitchen staff. The chef may create new recipes and plan menus. There are different kinds of chefs, such as dessert chefs, sauce chefs, sous chefs, and executive chefs, and a degree in culinary arts is generally required. Cruise ships, resorts, fine restaurants, and hotels are some of the facilities that offer employment opportunities for different types of chefs.


There are various hospitality career opportunities available for the person who wants to go into management. Sometimes a person can start at an entry-level job and work his way up to management, but a degree in hospitality management can help one obtain a management position more rapidly. There are online and on-campus degree programs in different aspects of hospitality management, including hotel management, tourism, and restaurant and beverage management. The different types of hospitality management jobs include general manager, guest services manager, banquet manager, and head housekeeper.

Hotels, airlines, and rental agencies provide hospitality career opportunities for reservation agents. A reservation agent can work with customers face to face, or take orders over the phone. In addition to reservation agents, airlines also offer hospitality career opportunities for flight attendants and pilots.

Casinos offer hospitality career opportunities for bartenders, gaming operators, waitresses, janitors, and chefs. A gaming operator may perform various functions. He may call out numbers for bingo, deal cards, spin the roulette wheel, and conduct any other games the casino may offer. A person who likes to work with the public to put guests at ease, or one who likes to cook, clean, mix drinks, or travel, can find many job opportunities in the hospitality field.


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