What are the Different Types of Homeopathic Creams?

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The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and because substances can seep into the body through the pores of the skin, it is theorized that the healthful benefits of different herbs and plant extracts in homeopathic creams can improve the inner health of the body. Homeopathic creams are topical mixtures of herbal tinctures in a creamy base used for a wide variety of ailments and conditions. Many creams and ointments are used for dermatological reasons, such as healing scars or acne, as well as for calming nerves and providing relaxation. The majority of homeopathic creams and lotions are generally safe for most individuals, as only natural ingredients are used, yet those with allergies to certain herbs or plants should carefully read the label.

Homeopathic creams and lotions are made by combining herbal tinctures and plant extracts in a natural cream base so they can be rubbed into the skin. The most popular use of homeopathic creams is for dealing with dermatology issues, such as healing acne or reducing scars. Lavender and witch hazel are widely used plants in homeopathic skin creams, as their properties can be quite calming and effective for toning the skin. Moisturizing homeopathic creams may contain a base of cocoa butter or coconut oil, along with soothing plant extracts, such as rose for its natural antioxidant compounds.


It is theorized that the health benefits of herbs and plants can seep into the skin through the opening of pores, therefore helping the body receive the benefits more fully. Some homeopathic creams are used to ease nervous tension by using herbs such as chamomile or ginseng, which when taken internally have been shown to help reduce nervousness. Applying these creams at night while massaging them into the skin can be helpful for individuals who wish to fall asleep quickly and fall into a deeper sleep. Other creams can include a different combination of homeopathic remedies to help remove blisters and control inflammation from a sunburn, reducing the overall pain of the skin and providing relaxation.

Although large-scale studies on the effectiveness of homeopathic creams have not been conducted, they are generally regarded as a safe alternative form of therapy. Many individuals can receive the benefits of relaxation through the massaging of these creams into the skin, helping keep any pain or worrisome thoughts at bay. Making creams and lotions can be quite easy, as an individual only needs to mix a few drops of herbal tinctures into a cream base such as cocoa butter or coconut oil, or perhaps even yogurt or an unscented, natural moisturizer. Homeopathic remedies usually keep well in a cool, dark place and the health benefits will not be destroyed unless the cream is exposed to high temperatures.


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