What Are the Different Types of Homeland Security Career Opportunities?

Laura M. Sands

Included among the many types of Homeland Security career opportunities are jobs like human resource specialists, police officers, security analysts, criminal investigators, information technology specialists and immigration officers. Security specialists, import specialists, chemists, scientists and border patrol officers are also included among these career options. Created as a response to the 2011 terrorist attacks in the United States, Homeland Security career opportunities offer clerical, legal, medical, science and Coast Guard career options, as well as those in various security and law enforcement capacities.

U.S. Coast Guard harbor patrol boat crews inspect waterways for signs of terrorism and criminal activity.
U.S. Coast Guard harbor patrol boat crews inspect waterways for signs of terrorism and criminal activity.

As national security is of utmost importance to any country, the United States government works to assure public safety through a variety of efforts. In doing so, multiple Homeland Security job opportunities have been created for people interested in working for this specialized government agency. In addition to a variety of positions offered, Homeland Security career opportunities sometimes offer high levels of job security as well as opportunities for career advancement. Other benefits include health insurance, paid vacation leave, a retirement plan and, for some, the ability to telecommute.

The Department of Homeland Security includes the Border Patrol.
The Department of Homeland Security includes the Border Patrol.

Job opportunities with Homeland Security generally fall into categories of immigration, customs, border protection and federal law enforcement. Several job positions also exist in categories like information analysis, transportation and emergency management. A detailed listing of the various types of Homeland Security career opportunities, as well as how to apply for open positions, can be found on the agency's website.

Career options vary as do the levels of experience and education needed to access work opportunities with the Office of Homeland Security. Some job opportunities, such as legal counsel, require a law degree and a license to practice law. Other employment opportunities, however, such as an associate director in fraud detection and national security, may not require a license or a degree.

Homeland Security career opportunities are made available for retirees and service veterans, as well as recent college graduates and experienced professionals. Job placement coordinators in departments with available positions review the eligibility of all disabled applicants. Volunteer positions are also available.

Physical security jobs are not the only Homeland Security career opportunities offered. Cybersecurity jobs are also made available to qualified applicants to help protect sensitive information and technology. In addition to protecting cyberspace from foreign or domestic attack, engineers and technology experts are needed to keep important computing systems running at optimal levels, which require employees assigned to these positions to participate in daily monitoring, troubleshooting and system analyses.

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