What Are the Different Types of Home Theater Shelves?

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Home theater systems are designed to play movies and music in a home. These shelves are designed to protect and organize multiple audio components in a home theater sysstem. Audio entertainment shelving is available in wood, metal, or glass material and comes in many shapes and sizes. Shelves are typically free standing but several types can be mounted to the walls of an entertainment room.

Most home theaters include a variety of speakers, audio equipment, and video equipment. Each device requires a specific type of shelving to securely hold the equipment. The first step in buying shelving is determining where the audio equipment will be placed in the room.

Metal home theater shelves are made from a durable metal material and are designed to give a room and industrial look and feel. This type of shelving is good for rooms with large, spacious areas that have other metal decor. Metal shelving is typically more expensive than wood or glass. Metal is typically available in either dark black or polished chrome.

Glass shelves are a modern form of shelving that is either tented or transparent. These types of home theater shelves are more fragile than other shelving. This is a good option for homes that are designed with a contemporary style. Glass shelving can be dangerous for small children because the material can break if objects are dropped onto the glass.


Wood shelves have been available for many years and are a good durable form of shelving. This type of shelving is available in many colors and can typically match most home interiors. Home theater shelves that are made from wood require minor dusting and cleaning. This type of shelving is typically less expensive than other shelves and is easier to find.

Free-standing shelves are designed to hold both televisions and home audio equipment. These shelving units come in many designs and can typically hold most audio components. Many free-standing home theater shelves include storage cabinets, which protects the equipment from dust. This is a good option if additional storage space is needed.

Wall-mounted shelving is the shelving that is used to mount flat screen televisions onto a wall. This type of shelving saves space on the floor area and can typically hold most home audio equipment. It is important to use heavy-duty hangers when installing wall shelving. These hangers are specifically designed to hold heavy shelves onto drywall and help to ensure the shelves are securely fastened to the walls.


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