What Are the Different Types of Home Theater Seating?

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As the needed technology becomes more widely available and affordable, many homeowners are choosing to install a home theater system. Doing so allows them to enjoy the thrill of a real movie theater at home without paying for tickets. In order to effectively set up a home theater, it's important to also have adequate home theater seating. While there is a plethora of styles, colors, fabrics and features to choose from, home theater seating can be broken down into five common types. These include individual chairs, doubles, triples, love seats and sectionals.

The most basic type of home theater seating is the individual chair. As its name implies, an individual chair is designed to seat only one person at a time. In most cases, the fabric for this type of seating consists of either leather or suede. Some of these chairs have the option of reclining and some expensive models even have a massaging mechanism built in. This type of seating tends to work well when people want their own individual space while viewing a movie.

Double chairs are the next type of seating, and are designed to hold two people. These chairs function much the same as individual chairs, but consist of two seats with an arm rest between them. Many models also offer the option of reclining.


Triple chairs function exactly the same as individual and doubles, but contain three seats with arm rests between them. This tends to be a good option for people who need plenty of seats in their home theater. When this is the case, there may be multiple rows of triples seats placed one behind the other. Triples allow multiple people to sit side by side while still maintaining some space between them. Like the previous options, many triple seats also have the option for reclining.

Besides these, love seats are another common home theater seating option. Like normal love seats, these are typically designed for two people to share without an arm rest in the middle. Consequently, this tends to be a good option for couples who like to view movies together. Unlike the previous options, most love seats do not offer the option of reclining.

In addition, sectionals are a type of seating that's designed to hold multiple people at once. These can come in a variety of shapes, but most are capable of seating at least four people at a time. Most sectionals consist of leather, but some consist of suede. An added feature of this home theater seating is a surface between seats to hold food, drinks and other items.


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