What Are the Different Types of Home Theater Kits?

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Different types of home theater kits typically include a number of electronic components bundled together to allow users to quickly and easily set-up a home theater with an existing TV and DVD player. Most all-in-one kits include a home theater receiver and several speakers, others may also include a DVD player or other electronic components. With a low starting price, home theater kits in a box (HTIB) have made the power and capability of home theater affordable for almost everyone. An outdoor home theater kit makes watching movies or a big game in the backyard on a large outdoor screen a real possibility. Wireless home theater kits eliminate cables and allow users to create and transmit multiple high definition (HD) data streams to wireless devices located anywhere within a home.

In 2011, one of the most sought after home theater kits on the market is the home theater kit in a box. The HTIB is one of the most popular type of home theater kits available due to its low cost and ease of set-up. The biggest advantage to this type of kit is the ability to set it up without a complicated instruction manual. These low cost kits typically come with a receiver and several speakers ready to install to an already existing DVD player and television or monitor. The advantages to the HTIB are guaranteed component compatibility, compact size, and affordable cost.


Inflatable home theater kits are designed for those who want to watch television, movies, and sporting events outdoors. Some outdoor kits come with an inflatable projection screen that can be as large as 144 inches (3.66 meters). Outdoor kits typically include a projector, several speakers, all the necessary cables, an air pump, and a carrying case. These outdoor home theater kits can be ready in as little as half an hour. Usually, outdoor home theater kits do not include a DVD player or multi-channel receiver, so the buyer should be sure to check out all of the details before making a final purchase.

Of all the different types of home theater kits, the wireless kit is probably the most impressive. With this technology, setting up wireless adapters in various locations in a home allows this system to transmit HD and 3D HD signals anywhere throughout the house. Those who have a Wi-FiĀ® router or data gateway already installed need only connect a few adapters and power up the system. Users can begin streaming video and all other digital signals to as many as four wireless devices throughout the home. The reliability, interference, and range problems associated with older wireless home theater technology are now a thing of the past.


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